Nap times

My lo is 20 weeks / 4 1/2 months.

Just wondering if anyone has a lo of similar age and what nap routines you have? I don't have problems with naps just wondering what other people do!

I put my lo down for a nap in the morning - sometimes she'll have it straight after her 1st feed (around 8am-9am) for 1 to 2 hours. Then I try to put her down for a nap in the afternoon. This can vary in times but try to put her down before 3pm, and she'll have anything from 1 to 2 hours then.

I now always try and put her in her cot for naps - not sure if that's best but it seems to be working ok. She doesn't look as comfy napping in her chair now she's growing! Although on Sunday she wouldn't nap in her cot in the afternoon so playing with her on living room floor - went upstairs to fetch something - come back and she was fast asleep. Little monkey!


  • Sounds like youve got it sorted. My lo is 26 weeks now but your lo is doing great having two good naps morning and early afternoon!
    i put my lo down 2 hours after waking in cot, curtains drawn etc... he is a buggar with sleeping only just really got it tackeled so we have a lot of crying but eventually goes off! he will have between 45mins and 2 hours... but then as i go out every day - i'm a nightmare can't stay in as such a long day! so i suppose i dont giove him a chance to have a good sleep in the afternoon.. he wont sleep in pushchair but may nod off in car whilst moving!
    i heard that its good for them to have one good nap in cot a day then the rest can be out - otherwise your stuck in all the time!
  • Sometimes my lo will cry & cry when I put her down for a nap so it doesn't always work but if I persevere she will eventually sleep. I do wait until she's tired tho (rubbing eyes/yawning etc). The worst is the afternoon nap as she will fight that sometimes but like her to have it otherwise she's cranky at bed-time and will fall asleep after 5pm and I don't really like her to do that as it's near bed-time (in bed at around 7.30-8pm).
    She willl sleep in pushcair tho if we take her out (normally in afternoon cos easier).

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  • Hi, my lo is similar in age to yours (18 weeks) and I have been trying for many weeks to try and get her on a nap time routine but she often fights sleep in the day so it has been hard. I have just changed her milk to hungry baby and she has started sleeping a lot better in the day, I have also started to put her in her sleeping bag for naps too so that she knows it is time for sleep. At the moment she has a nap about an hour after her first feed at about 8.30am and she will sleep for usually about 45 mins, then she used to need a nap again before her next feed but I now try and make her wait until after her 11.30am feed and put her down at 12.30 in the hope that she will have a longer nap of about 2 hours rather than her normal 45 mins. Then she will have another nap at about 4.30pm for about 45mins. She sleeps well at night but is really tired by bed time.
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