I am worried what to do about this weaning malarky!

So girls, my little boy is 21 weeks now and showing signs of being interested in food. We gave him some baby rice which he likes very much to our surprise. It seems the milk is of litle interest now which gives me cause for concern. I am trying to follow Annabel Karmal's schedule but just wonder if a) we started a bit too young and b) should I just give him baby rice once a day all week rather than going on to puree this week as she suggests? I think her routine is for those starting at 6 months.

I am beside myself not knowing what to do, was so worried starting weanig and don't know what to do next!


Susie x


  • Ok...I cant tell you what to as only you know your LO but I can tell you what we have done.

    I started my boys on Puree (didnt like baby rice as just seemed like 'thick' milk to me and the boys are on Neocate which tastes DISGUSTING so wanted to give them some better flavours! lol)

    Anyway, at 21 weeks exactly, we started with carrot. I started at 21 weeks as they had been ready for a while and their dietician suggested it but wanted to wait till they were 17 weeks corrected age as they were 4 weeks early.

    We started with one meal at lunchtime, then at 22 weeks moved on to breakfast (fruit puree) and lunch (veg puree). They love their food and, although there are many things they dont like, they love what they do like! Alfie has dropped his milk slightly but then they were on 35oz a day approx so needed to drop a bit really! lol!

    If you are worried then make sure you put extra into his meal. This all counts as milk. I add milk to their puree (normally 2oz or so) so its quite runny but I know they are getting a little extra milk.

    Im also following AK but have decided to stick to 2 meals at the moment (they are 23 weeks tomorrow) as they seem happy and are so tired at night at the moment that its hard enough to get milk into them, let alone food!

    Try not to worry about it too much. Just go by LO. I never did the '2 spoonfuls' as the boys screamed for more so I gave it to them. They now have 4 icecube sized cubes mixed with 2oz of milk in baby rice (so quite a lot) between them and its normally all gone! lol!

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 22 + 6
  • Hi, I was worried about weaning but so far its going well. I waited till 1 week before 6 months couple of weeks before that we did a bit of experimenting. I started with tea at first after all his milk feeds but before bed time after a couple of weeks introduced breakfast this took a while to get established at first he wouldn't have milk and breakfast but now he does but usually only a 4-5 oz bottle then and oz mixedd with his breakfast. Once that was sorted I bought in dinner. Our day goes like this now

    Breakfast bottle & weetabix with fruit

    11am bottle 5- 6oz (my lo doesn't have big bottles never has)

    12 dinner (started as 1 veg puree gradually got more)

    bottle 3pm

    Tea 5pm

    Bath 6:30
    bed bottle 7pm

    I read the baby lead weaning book and although I haven't gone straight into BLW its help me understand a bit and the AK books are good.

    Go with your instincts and your baby though xxx
  • We started by just giving lo breakfast which was baby rice, tbh I think he found it a little bit plain (of course you could always add some fruit to it to make it a little bit more interesting) so then we moved onto fruity baby porridge which he now loves for breakfast although at first it was a bit of a struggle, i guess its just perseverance. He now has little bits of finger foods throughout the day, which he plays with and then he'll decide whether or not he wants to try it. He doesn't have very much, normally just a little nibble but for us its a start.


    Good luck
  • i would go with the flo. I would maybe stick with baby rice for a week or so then add in puree pear mixed in. Im on baby 3 and ive never followed instructions., I start with baby rice at lunchtime then add pear and start giving a bit of baby rice at tea time. then i change fruit and veg to add in others, like apple, carrot, butternut squash. Only add one at a time and give it for a couple of days to see if there is any reactions to it.

    Dont rush to add lots, a HV said to me at 6 months they are not having food to fill them up but more to get used to it and develop their muscles and taste buds, milk is still the main thing

    good luck

    Gemm x
  • my dd is 8 months and i started it over a month ago because she was ready, don't rush it, I would wait till ur lo is six seven months and then you can go straight into lumpier food x
  • Thanks for all your replies, they are very helpful as always. My little boy loves the baby rice, he would have more than a spoonful if he could but I don't want to rush things. I am going to stick with the baby rice this week and introduce some puree next week and see how we get on.

    There are going to be so many times like this as a parent where you are torn between the recommended guidelines and what is right for your baby - oh joy!!!

    Maybe it will get easier......................!!!!
  • just wanted to say that i just started baby rice today and it went great so my plan is to stick to that for 4 or 5 days then try some veg then in another week or so add a second meal in. Just see how it goes i suppose
  • I spoke to my HV about this yesterday as Beth is loving food waaaay more than milk. She said once they are on 3 meals per day that 20 oz of milk INCLUDING food is fine. She said they only worry if they have less than 10oz of actual milk but the other 10oz is fine to come from yoghurts, cheese, milk sauces etc

    I'd just follow your LO. He will tell you what he wants.

  • Just having the baby rice once a day this week seems to be working well so far so I am sticking with it. Next week we will try some pear.
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