blood in pooh today!

god i am so fed up today daisy has lump of poo with pooh in it. she is being treated for constipation with lactulose i gave her 8 0z of warm water with orange juice a day and after changing her back to c and g her poohs had become soft and daily but sh went on gaviscon ratinide dont know how to spell it sorry on friday one of girls on here said gaviscon renound for causing constipation but should i be worried that it has blood in it. i feel like i am going round in circles ordered a cot wedge last night and was quite optimistic had bad night have been trying to settle her whole night but that could be constipation pissing her off ive had enough now.


  • oh my god sorry im tired should say pooh with blood in it
  • Maybe she has an anal fissure/tear cos of hard stools? Heard this can happen to babies with constipation (I've had one too)!!
  • It could just be a tear if shes been constipated but if her poo is looser its sometimes a sign of an infection & it might be worth phoning your GP for advice.

    Amy, my eldest, used to suffer terrible constipation as a baby & we tried everything including lactulose but the best thing we found for keeping her regular & her motions softer was prune juice. I used to mix a tablespoon into her breakfast in the morning (or you could dilute it with water for hr drink) & she never looked behind her since. I actually give Zara some too even though she doesnt suffer much from constipation but I just feel it helps to prevent the constipation.

    Good luck & hope Daisys ok xx
  • Hi westbrom,

    Ella gets blood in her pooh from time to time too. The doc says that as long as its fresh/ bright red and only spots then not to worry too much unless its constant/ every time.

    Maybe a side effect of some of the meds or as you say a small tear.

    How is daisy doing on the meds? Ella seems to be getting a little better. Sometimes I have to give ella a little cooled boiled water and that seems to settle her sometimes.
  • yes it was only spots and in the afternoon she had nother pooh it was a massive hard lump and half of it was soft too, so ive decided to leave it couple of days lee not very happy but i think thats best i was expecting this to happen daisy not keen on water so i give her 3 oz water with an ounce of fresh oj in twice a day so she is havinf extra 7 oz water a day. no change yet on meds although managed to settle her between 130 and 330 am by putting her on her side as she was thrashing around in her sleep i noticed she was trying to roll on her side at one point in night she even rolled on to her other side herself as if to say thats how i do it!!!!! im glad i dont get much sleep otherwise i would of missed that!!!! bought a swing on saturday daisy asleep for first time in it now its breaking my back nursing her day and night so have been trying for few days to get her to sleep in that. Also to stop her lying downso much in day. glad ella is improving i say that sometimes and then daisy goes back even worse again so hope this does not happen to her, I am taking her for some reikki next week want her to have two weeks on meds first as i wont know which will have worked if she is any better.
  • Really hope that Daisy gets better soon, really is tough going. Ella is only 13 weeks and I'm round the bend so you must be finding it so much more tough.

    Thats the meds taken just over a week to work for Ella. She had them up'd from 0.3ml of ranitidine to 0.4ml. We have also had to put Ella on her side to sleep since about 6weeks. It's the only way she will sleep and has been starting to sleep for 10 hours a night lately. We just put towels round her at each side to support her. Not sure how you feel about doing that as everyone says that putting them on their backs is best. Ella manages fine though and settles straight away.

    I had reiki done when I was preggers and found it worked wonders for me. Really settled me and helped me sleep. Fingers crossed that something works soon.

  • hi babe i actually dont think daisy is as uncomfortableas she was at night but she still keeps faffing through the night i allways put her to sleep on her back but she thrashes around trying to put herself on her side so i do it for her this lasts for about two hours then i do it again for one hour and then nothing works but getting her into bed with me which i know every one thinks is bad but by then its about 4 or 5 and ive been up and down all night and imdesperate i only get to shut my eyes you dont sleep properly but its better than nothing. i have a sleep positioner which daisy used to have until she was 2 weeks old and hv told me not to use it cus she could overheat so i darent even use towells its a shame cus about 6 times last night i had to straightenher back up as she is so restless her head ends up by the bars sideways. daisy is on 0.46 mls ranitidine she doesnt seem to mind it luckily as with that and the lactulose and the bonjella for her teeth which again she likes i feel like i am constantlyputting something in her mouth oh an d water and oj in between each feed!!!!!! Hope you have a good day xx
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