Rant.....some peole are just plain rude!!

rant ...some people are just so rude!
I've just been lying in bed with lo when I heard a loud knock, knock, knock, knock, knock. I looked ouside and the was no van for a delivery. So I put my top on and took lo downstairs. I saw no-one through the window, but I opened the door anyway. No-one oiut there, so I started to go back upstairs. Them I heard a loud knock, knock, knock, knock, knock and saw an orange top through the window. Opened the door and it was a deluvery man. He was so rude!

I said to him, next time, can you just knock a couple of times. I can still hear you and I wasnt sure if the banging was somebody outside. I then said I came to the door and you werent there. He was sorry (so wasnt!). Then he went onto say I did wait a couple of minutes...or rather I dint answer the door immediately so he walked away! I said to him next time you knock on someones door have a bit of patience. I was upstairs with a baby. To which he said I didnt realise that...well obviously! So I said I think your very rude and you need to improve your customer service skills. Trying to stay calm!

Im going to right a comment to whsmith about poor communication from delivery men. Dont think its fair they should get bad named when its the delivery men.

Sorry rant over. There usually not to bad but he really was a rude guy....blatantly doing the job for money and not the skill of people communication!


  • I'ver had that before - a next delivery woman.......soooooo irritating! She's also parked accross our drive before and given us dirty looks because se had to move!!!!!! It wasn't our house she wasdelivering to so why use our drive????

    oh.............and currys..........they also parked accriss our drive, saw me put lo into the car and then took 10 mins moving stuff in thier lorry!!!! I honked then out of annoyance...............grrrrrr
  • I have the same thing all the time - our house is upside down and so the lounge is upstairs, so even if i jump up straight away, the door bell has usually been rung two or three times by the time i get there .... even worse if lo is sleeping, woken up by the door bell, so I have to go in to him b4 i can answer ....

    Why can't they just be a bit more patient ....?

    I ask regular deliveries like my veg box, just to leave it in the porch, is so much easier

    Plus you have loads more deliveries with a lo, too much effort to take them to the shops ...

    I have to say though, all our local tesco drivers are great .. always bring the shopping upstairs to our kitchen and will help unpack it for me.
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