Solids when out and about

Another weaning question! Sorry if I sound a bit stupid, still getting my head around everything. :\?

We've been giving Bethany solids for 3 weeks now and she's doing really well, but we've only ever done feeds at home. I'm probably going out for the day on Saturday so will need to give her lunchtime feed out.

So..... I have loads of puree frozen, can I make it up with a little baby rice and milk before I go out and then keep it in a cool bag until lunch?

Do you think I'd be able to feed her in a cafe? I'm a bit worried about the amount of mess she's likely to make.

Any tips for an easier feeding time??


  • hi poz!

    dont let feeding whilst out stress you at all!!

    first, arm yourself with bibs, wipes etc!

    second - if no hichair, feed her in the car seat, and just cover that with muslins!

    thirdly, unless you really dont want too, take a jar, or some of the fruit purees that come in pots / jars - that way you neednt worry about reheating / length of time before it needs eating / defrosted etc

    a lot of places will not reheat your own food for health and safety issues, but will do processed jars.

    you will all survive it, i promise!!
  • Hey Poz,
    We're in the same boat I've only fed Alf at home and round me Dad's and mates houses so a little nervous about it if I'm honest. I had visions of Alf plastering me, the restaraunt and other eaters with pureed sweet potato!
    But in reality it was fine, we used jars for going out as it was easier to not worry about it all going off etc. I think he quite likes a break from me old purees too! Have to say he didn't eat a lot as he was way more interested in what others were doing. In the end they brought him some cucumber sticks and he happily sat and played with those while we all ate.
    You'll be fine and once you've done it once I always find it's so much easier!
    Like ollier's idea of using the car seat-will remember that.
    Good luck and enjoy your day out x
  • We use jars when out as not all places will reheat food. Or finger foods like sandwiches are good when they are a bit older. You can get pots called 'Puree & Simple' by Heinz I think or the Ella's kitchen pouches which only have fruit/veg puree & nothing else.
    I found it was absolutely fine, Gabe isn't a very messy eater anyway though. xxx

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