How to defrost baby food

so we are progressing from baby rice to apple tomorrow. It is all in the freezer but i have no idea how to defrost it. Do i take it out now? Can you microwave from frozen?? I cant seem to find any information in my books about it - thank you x


  • Hi hon
    I either take it out the night before and let it defrost in fridge overnight. Or I set it on defrost in microwave for 5 mins, then blast it on full power for another minute. Then wait a loooooong time for it to cool down as my little monkey likes it cold (even courgette! urgh!).

    I read somewhere that it was important to get it piping hot after defrosting - that's why I get it hot to start with rather than just give it to him cold.

  • Hey hun, I know James is nowhere near weaning. But I remember reading some posts on here. Some ladies leave it in the fridge overnight. If something is for later in the day, they might get it out in the morning and leave it in the fridge or on the side. But you can microwave. Hopefully someone more qualified to answer will do. xx

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  • I take lo's dinner out in the morning and leave it on the top to defrost. If I forget or it hasn't totally defrosted I defrost in the microwave first then heat it up making sure it's piping so there's no frozen bits left then leave to cool for a few mins. x
  • I take Olivia's out in the morning and let it defrost so its ready for the afternoon.
  • Vintage Rose, you do exactly the same as me!!! It's always too hot and have to wait for it to cool. Touch wood it works and LO seems fine.

  • I take it out the freezer the night before let it defrost in the fridge then heat till red hot then let cool x
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