help ! Little man has changed his sleep times !

hi ladies just wondered if anyone has any ideas - lo is 9 weeks and 3 days - for 2 weeks he was going from his dream feed to about 6 -7 am which was fab , but the last 2 days he has woken at 330 and ive had to feed him but he only takes 2 to 3 ounces ! Anyone have any ideas as to why he may have gone backwards ? He is 15 pounds and is taking 37 ounces of milk so i know he is getting enough x im just feeling so down as i really thought we were getting there and now feel like its all going to pot image xx


  • Hey hun

    Poppy is 7 weeks and she had a few days last week where she kept waking at 4am for a feed. Before this she had been sleeping until about 7am. She stopped after a few days so I can only assume it was a little growth spurt!

    x x x
  • thanks hun im hoping it is a growth spurt - uping his milk to 8 ounces to see if that helps ! Xx
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