Hello!! xx

Hi everyone.

I've changed my name!! Was t.l. Long story, email me if you'd like to know. But I'll be posting under this username now



  • *waves* thought we had a new member then for a second!
  • I was sat there trying to work it out then a lightbulb pinged for me! :lol:

    I am so so nosey so trying not to email you... lol

  • Have fb'd you hon. Hope you're ok xxx
  • im confused!

  • hi!!!
    i'm trying not to be nosy..! x
  • hi there!

  • ok got it now!

  • Not for long. Basically 2 people I know in the real world (that I had a moan about a cpl months back) have 'found' me and had a go at me on another site (cosmo) I also posted on. Samuelsmommy is one of those people. I can understand why they are angry but understandably I am upset that my anonymity has been violated. I don't see 'Samuels mommy' too often since my post so I don't think I have been two faced in maintaining a happy friendship while posting cruel things, I have merely been polite and used BE as a vent.

    I'm probably going to be leaving now or in the future. I don't feel I can vent on here anymore, about anything. Still be on FB though if anyone wants to add me if they dont have me on there already I'm Philippa Delnon (hey, whats the point in disguise anymore!) xx
  • Oh dear, I think I know which two people you mean. Shame they couldn't use it as an opportunity to learn how badky they were acting instead of taking it personally.
    Have sent you a friend request on fb.
  • hi hun, nice to c u bk on here, plz dont feel u have to leave- i know alot of people would miss u. xxx
  • I'll add you on FB later.
    Will learn from your unfortunate lesson I think.
    Was thinking about changing my username too as a few people I know are pg or ttc so may very well be posting on here.
    Suz x
  • Aww hon, not those two people?
    you werent even being nasty, just using this place as a channel for your upset and as a resource for advice.
    Shame other people cant see it like that.
    Don't leave though, this all just proves you were right.

    I know my OH reads what I've put on here, sometimes I read it out to him, I dont care who else sees it as frankly its 'my' place, and if they want to go snooping then its their problem. image

  • oh hun, i hope you don't decide to leave but i can understand how you feel, i would feel the same if anyone i knew found out who i am on here
    am going to add you on fb now x x
  • hello,
    I did have to do a bit of research. I was trying to work out who had over 7000 posts that I havent come across on BE before! x
  • Well, I don't think I am going to leave. (Did you really think I would?!)

    I can send you guys the link to the offending post (which was the same as what I posted on B.E) if you like. They both joined up to that site also & posted.

    Stephe my OH is the same, he knows I can rant on here, and he respects that, he wouldn't ever read my posts for fear of discovering something he might not like (although we don't have any secrets anyway so he knows when I'm unhappy) - same as how I would rather not read his texts/emails.

    I can't figure out whether it's my fault for posting something offensive in the first place, or their fault for deliberately hunting me down & reading through 'my other topics' on TWO forums.

    But whatever happens I won't stop posting on BE just because of them, I don't mind who reads my topics, HOWEVER from now I will try to refrain from mentioning people in 'real life' (except Gabe & OH) but I have nothing to hide....I love you lot & have met so many nice people, it would be a shame to leave because of 2 people I do not even see often anymore.

    Samuelsmommy, again, I'm sorry to upset you, I'm not going to mention this subject again & I won't cause you and A any embarrassment by coming to Baby Group, I don't feel driven out - it is my choice & probably best for everyone. As I said before, I'm choosing to continue using Babyexpert and it would be kind of you to respect my privacy from now on. I don't know how you found my BE or Cosmo and to be frank I don't want to know.
  • Princess Summer - neither do I, only oh knows about BE. Mil, fil and family know I visit a baby forum but they don't know which it is. I haven't got a clue how either of these friends found me...I would all be very wary and, for those who vent on here, I'd be very careful with your username, real name and child's name. Try and choose a username that isn't similar to your email or any other online name. It's a pain I know but worth it.
  • its been something i've been worried about recently as I have reccommended this site to some friends with lo's but to be honest I often use this site to vent off about them and was worried someone may see.

    but I suppose the answer to that is I should be more honest to their faces and tell them what I think -that way I ahven't got to worry about them seeing this site!! lol

    Glad you're staying tho honey - you give great advice
  • glad you are staying hun. i think people should be careful with their username and not use names that are important. plus i dont tell people i am on this site. xx
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