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At whagt age did you use treasure baskets with your LO and what did you put into it/store it in?

Shell x


  • g/c to say any age!
    Have emailed you a leaflet I put together for my job - hope it's useful. If you don't have Publisher let me know and I'll try and convert it for you!

    D'oh can't attach to the initial email!

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  • Can i be cheeky and ask you seraphina 68 to email me a copt too? Im just about to put together one for my little boy and some ideas would be useful!

  • Hi, Joseph is 8 months and the last few weeks has really got into his treasure basket. I think it is easier for them to explore when they are sitting up on their own (he sat up quite late). Someone posted this link on a previous thread and I found it helpful: basket.php

    In his basket we have: plug and chain (new), natural sponge, nailbrush with natural bristles, metal (dog) bowl (not used obviously! lol), shower spongey thing, wooden spoon, metal whisk, an old remote control, wooden egg (from ebay) and that's it! He loves the plug the most!

    HTH x
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