safety cupboard locks - what do you have?

Hello ladies, hope all is well and any poorly los are getting better.

Just trying to plan ahead. Our daughter is in her way to crawling and is investigating telephone wires etc. I want to baby proof the place and am interested to hear what you have brought / recommend. Particularly door locks as there seems to be several choices.

I've got stair gates and fireguard. Also has anybody got a cooker guard, and is it worth purchasingone?

Thanks in advance. xxx

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  • Hi we baby proofed our house cuboard locks fridge locks etc, however our dd could still open all of them once she had watched us a couple of times. This time round we will do it all again infact my hv gave me a safety pack just the over day as a freebie bext item in there is the foam to put on the door to stop them trapping thier fingers when they slam it shut. Just be aware of the above with some little monkeys knowing whats what far to early you still cant leave them alone in the room.
  • i dont believe in baby proofing the house, im sure i will get backlash for this but here goes, i believe its better to tell your lo "NO" from the start and i did from Ellie was about 6 months old and now if she goes to touch anything i dont allow i just have to say no and she stops straight away, now if she was on her own in the kitchen etc she has been told no so many times before that she knows she isnt allowed to open cupbaords etc so she dosnt, she also knows not to even step on the fireplace etc and so dosnt go near it, i think this is much more sensible and they learn right from wrong from the offset but its just my way. x
  • I've tried Diane's approach but as Harry is around alot of people all day, no one really actually listens to the way i want to do things like that. So we've got some cheapo poundland cupboard locks which swivel so you can leave them unlocked if you need to. We've got a babydan room divider around the fireplace and lindam gates on the stairs. All of which are really good. No oven cover, but that i'm adimant harry will learn not to go near that from day one. xxx
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