when will you................

be putting your xmas tree/decs up?
i have decided to do it on the 1st of dec because its all too exiting, and i cant wait,lol

just wondered if anyone else is trimming up early or waiting til xmas is closer. xxx


  • I dont even have any at the moment lol!! how sad!! Not because i dont want to but i moved into my house on new years eve last year so didnt have any. Im only getting a fibrotopic tree as i dont think i fancy a nice decorated 6ft being pulled down by a cheeky little 13 month old!! But I think ill try and keep to the "12 days before christmas" as much as I can though im sure the excitement will get too much and ill give in! xx
  • I normally do it 1st December also, but I have my accounts exam next Monday, so I will probably be putting them up on Tuesday. I love putting up the xmas tree and decs.

  • The 1st dec for me im so excited i want to put them up now!!!!!
  • Nov 30th we put our decs up. its my hubbys tradition as it is his bday that day x
  • Ours aren't going up till mid December. Would put them up sooner but we have a real tree and if it goes up too soon it will be dead by Christmas lol

  • We'l be putting ours up on the 1st, i can't wait i'm so excited.

    Alex & Evie xxx
  • Def mid December and no sooner. I like them when they are up but I hate putting them up. Also the idea of it getting pulled down this year does not appeal to me.
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