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Sublime to the ridiculous (also in born in Oct)

OK for a couple of weeks Seth has been grouchy, eating little (5oz max) and often and not sleeping at all at night time (4 hr max) then only 20mins here and there in the day, well last couple of days he's been taking 8oz every 4 hours and last night we got 8 hours out of him, we're also getting one to two hours naps in the day morning and afternoon. Whats going on!? Do you think this is a growth spurt and he'll revert back to his horrid ways or do you think now he's nearly hit 12 weeks he's finally settling down!!
Please tell me its the latter!
S & S xx


  • Hopefully he is finally settling down hon!

    I think if you can avoid him getting overtired at any point by encouraging those naps to continue - even if you have to go for a long walk twice a day - the nights will improve.

    What have you done (if anything) differently?

    Remember he will have 'off' days - all babies do! So dont stress if you have a couple of days where things dont quite go to plan just work on keeping the feeds and naps in check and you should be fine!
  • i'm not sure, they usually have a growth spurt around 13/14 weeks so cld be that he's hit that early, but 8oz i thnk is alot for a 11 week old. ds only managed 8 oz from 7 months, and even then thats onlythe bed time feed, but he is only a tiddler (16lb14 at 9months) so does depend on baby size. but if he's sleeping well and is happy in himself then then i wldn't worry and even if it is just a temporary thing enjoy it while it lasts lol

  • He is a big boy, 14lb 6.5oz when weighed on Tuesday. Not doing anything differently just happened. Went to HV about him eating alot, we're trying him on hungry baby milk at last feed to try get him through as up until last few days he was taking 5oz ever 3 hours day and night. Not yet managed the HBM as he hasnt had a late night feed as been asleeo through it!! Back to HV for an update so we'll see!!
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