Ladies with FF sicky babies.xx

Hi girls
About 2 weeks ago I posted about Oliver being sick every few days. He smiles straight after so I knew he was ok, but it was so random I started to worry. Lots of you posted to say yours were the same and HV had said it was ok, just babies overgorging which should sort itself out.

I'm not sure if it's just coincidence but for the last 2 weeks I haven't been heating his milk, I have been giving it to him at room temperate (boiling the water and putting it in bottle then adding powder to water once he needs it) and he hasn't been sick for 2 weeks!!! We have also kept him a bit more upright wen feeding, letting him rest in the breastfeeding support pillow so he is sitting as upright as he can whilsts still taking his milk.

I know they say to heat babies milk but it really seems to have helped so just wanted to pass it on in the hope it helps some of you too!


  • We made up Allannah's bottles 24hrs in advance, but once she was in a routine I felt a bit bad and started making them up the 'correct way' one at a time when we needed it and she was sick so much more. It was warmer than the way we used to make it so that's what I put it down to.. glad to hear it wasn't just us that this happened to. Anyway we switched back a few weeks ago and it's calmed down (she always spits up/ gets sick a lot due to reflux).
  • Thanks MN88, I did feel bad as it's not the "right" way but surely it's better to have a baby thats not sick, just because your going against the back of a packet? It's so hard but every babies different. When I spoke to my cousin she said her baby needs his milk to be as hot as he can stand it or he won't take it then spits it out, very strange as Oliver's is virtually as cold as he can manage lol!
    Glad Allannahs better! xx
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