Anyone had a third degree tear - ADVICE PLEASE!

Hi ladies, am new to baby forum as only gave birth just 9 days ago!

I had a very speedy labour and birth, lasted 3 hours 55 minutes, and he's my first! All went very well, and did it all without pain relief and to be honest I didnt find it at all that bad or agonising. Anyway, I did suffer a third degree tear, and ended up going to theatre after Liam was born for stitches.

What I want to know is how long did it take for you to heal fully, how long before you had sex, what it was like the first time you had sex, did it hurt etc, and if you have gone on to have futher vaginal births.
Just full of questions at the moment! Its really bothering me :cry:

Emma xx


  • Hi Emma

    Congratulations and welcome to Baby. Sounds like you are in the same boat as me, got through the whole thing without pain relief but still ended up laid up afterwards due to a spinal for stiches!!

    I'm the same as Marnie (though mine doesn't sound anywhere near as bad!!). It took about 8 weeks for all the stitches to disappear. I think we finallly did the deed around three months as well.

    We are just planning our second and it's nice to hear that Marnie had a good birth second time around as that's something that was worrying me too.

    Take care
  • Thanks for the replies ladies.

    Luckily the fact that I had a bad tear doesnt bother me. The birth was far from a bad experience, I strangely enjoyed every minute of it, and once it was over and I was told I had torn I was expecting them to leave me, to heal alone, as I had no pain with it at all. To be honest there still is little pain from it. Just feels a little tight, which I think is from it healing.

    I'm just so desperate to get back to normal, and now feel like poop that ive got the burden of appointments to attend for them to examine me to give me the all clear etc.

    Also so glad to hear that you marnie went on to have another baby, I read somewhere that when you have a third degree you have to have C-Sections after with your other babies, and thats something I dont want.

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