did yours go back to the size they were after your baby?

i went up 6 cup sizes during pregnancy and at 6 months i am still 3/4 cup sizes bigger, i formula feed, i am more than happy with my new assetts but wondered if it will all go, i have loads of gorgeous pre pregnancy bras that are way too small and wondered if i should just get rid?


  • Good question! I'm still cramming my poor boobies into bras I have as I'd hate to spend money on new undies that won't fit soon. But it's getting a bit ridiculous and I may just have to buy more bigger bras.
    Just a shame I wont let hubby near my bigger boobs - stopped BFing about 4 weeks ago but it's still just too weird?!
    6 cup sizes - wow!
  • i know image the average is 2 sizes, mine must have forgotten to stop growing :lol:
  • I went from a double a cup to a d! I love actually having some boobies for once, so I really hope they don't shrink!! I stopped bf at 8 weeks & 4 weeks on they haven't got smaller image
  • Wow! I didn't go bigger really. Mine were a 32DD before and I ended up in a 36D in pregnancy and 36DD in nursing bras.

    I haven't been measured since but I think I will either be a 34DD or a 32E. I'll be off to Bravissimo in a couple of weeks xx
  • mine went up to HH after ds :O:O:O lol id like to happily report mine are back to normal now at a nice F image I formula fed from day 4 though so PP didnt you stop at like 6 weeks or something? maybe theyll go down yet! xxx
  • mine went up to HH after ds :O:O:O lol id like to happily report mine are back to normal now at a nice F image I formula fed from day 4 though so PP didnt you stop at like 6 weeks or something? maybe theyll go down yet! xxx
  • went from a B to an F during pregnancy, BF until 6 weeks...LO is now 18 weeks old and they are JUST back to normal. I was SO excited to have a drawer full of colourful bras again instead of one black one and one white one that fit me! xx
  • i only BF for a week as my supply wasnt enough, i was a 32c pre preg and a 34G at the end, i am now a 32E, 32F in some styles image as its been 6 months i though they would have gone?
  • Haha well I think you may have some new friends then! I bf around the same and mine are back in their prepreg bra! X
  • I was a 38DD before preg, up to 38F when preg and 38H when feeding which I did for about a month. Grace is now 9 months and I have been a 38F since I stopped feeding, so a couple of sizes bigger than previous.

    Seems yours probably won't be shrinking now!

    Em x
  • OMG I wish!

    I was a 32b pre pg and went up to a 34D by 40w. I then went to 34DD when exclusively bf, then down to 32DD when started weaning. Now he's nearly 9m and I'm still bf but they're a 32D, mayb a bit smaller, but I can't afford to buy any more nursing bras!

    After my 1st son I was back to a teeny 32b by his 1st birthday and I stopped bf him 10 days before!


  • Well I was a 30HH before I even got pregnant!! By the time Cam was here I had to resort to buying bras with bigger back sizes (although put on weight anyway so didn't fit into a 30 back) and ended up with one 34L bra for breastfeeding! ha ha ha! Cam is now 5 1/2 months and i've lost nearly 3 stone since Jan and I'm wearing 30J so still bigger but thank god they've come down some! xx
  • I doubt they are gonna go then if it's been six months. I went from a 34a/b to a 34dd. Then they went back to a b. They aren't what they were though so I'm planning a boob job once we have finished having children. Think I would go to a c. I don't want them too big but I would like them to be back in the right place and fuller lol.
  • i know what you mean about them not being where they should, its like someone has taken the valve out and they have deflated and lost thier bounce :lol:

    i would love a hitch up but having worked in plastics i couldnt go through the maintainence for it x
  • Hi,

    My boobs are wrecked and I only BF for 8 weeks. They're back to what their old size were by 4 months but they have lost all firmness and I now have issues with them which I never had before. Planning a boob job too when I can afford it which is probably never x More than worth it though so not complaining x

    Inka xxx
  • Mine went up 2/3 sizes when my milk came in and I'm stil breastfeeding now at 13 months but quite frankly they look pretty awful. They are probably a size smaller than my pre pregnancy boobs and very empty - before I had full round boobs but not anymore. I do look at them sometimes and feel sad but I also feel very lucky to have been able to breastfeed this long so its a million times worth it x
  • Mine ended up a cup size bigger after I stopped bfing dd1. I was bigger across the back too but I think that was because I ended up a stone heavier than pre pg and never quite lost it! Sadly although they were bigger they went from perky to droopy image
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