what shouldn't i miss when i get back to england

hi girls
well i'm going back to england soon not on good circumstances but anyway i've not been back for
5yrs now so tell is there anything i'm missing out on that i shouldn't miss food wise :\) ?
whats everyones favorite thing i should try.
i know i'll be shopping for wade mainly i think.
but the 1st thing i want to eat when i get there is a english chinese :\)


  • i live abroad too... i miss sooo much.

    I hope you mean you want to eat a chinese meal and not a english chinese person????? lol

    I get home usually 2 to 3 times a year so I indulge on all i missed.
    Miss tv....reality crap etc.....
    miss my family and mates ofcourse
    miss the weather (shocking i know)
    miss people talking mostly in Englis and me been able to understand
    miss cheapo shops like primark etc..
    miss tesco's
    miss bread...big fat white toasty loaves
    loads and loads more i could go on all day.

    Hope you settle in soon. Where have you been for 5 years????
  • I live in Norway now and whenever I go back to the UK I always try and have:-
    - proper fish and chips!
    - English sausages
    - decent chinese food
    - pork pies
    - cadburys chocolate
    - one of my mums sunday dinners

    Hmmm, I could go on forever too!! So wish we had Tesco out here, very little choice out here!

    I am heading back for a few days at the end of Feb and have to make the most of it as it will be the last time I can fly until I have had my 2nd baby who is due in June and sorted him out a passport!

    We have managed to get UK Sky tv out here recently though which is fantastic!

    Where abouts do you guys live? x
  • i've been living in cyprus for 9yrs but i don't go back much. i want sat tv too but its too expensive ere it about 1500-1800 euros so alot of money well for me anyway..
    i which they had a tesco here to i use to love 10 donuts for 99p wonder if they still do them can't wait to go round an english supermarket..
    i'll have to bring back an extra suitcase with me;\)
  • Slatteries!! hahaha!!

    i'm sorry, just thought it was one of those places where you should go, but as it is only in Manchester..........!!

    my sister lived in the USA for 10yrs, and whenever we went over she asked for Cheddars & Vimto!!

    we have a place in Spain, and tbf, the food in supermarkets is excellent, but although we have "satellite TV", the channels are not very good compared to even Freeview here!

    not too sure what you wouldnt want to miss......!
  • We got a second hand sky box from e-bay for ??30 and a bigger sat dish (1.2m) and we can pick up a load of the freeview channels plus ITV, Channel 4, plus 4, Sky 3, and it is costing us nothing. Took a bit of moving around with the dish and looking for the relevant numbers on the net to tune it in but we have about 40 channels now free! Loads better than Norwegian tv!

    Cheddar cheese and wensleydale cheese is another must for me .... hmmmm...making me so hungry!! x
  • i think i would have to stay where i am as i dont think i could live any where that dosnt do haggis or scotch pies lol x
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