Baby proofing our house...advice please.

Meant to post this ages ago but have been busy adding to everyones great posts instead!!
Anyway, Alfie is busy crawling backwards at the mo (very odd!!).So me and oh have said we're gonna pop to Mothercare tomorrow to stock up on bits we need to stop him hurting himself around the house suppose the front room mainly. Then we realised we're not actually sure what we need? As he's our first we've already wasted money on things we thought we'd need and have gone straight up into the loft.
So can I ask what have you used that was great? What was a waste? And any other tips on making sure Alf stays safe please?
Thanks in advance xx


  • Drawer and cupboard locks are a MUST! We also got some MULTIPURPOSE locks from mothercare which are fab for the bin staying closed and the washer etc etc. We bought some corner cushions but haven't used them at all. Stair gates are a must andwe are also gonna get a fire guard (never have the fire on but need to protect him against the marble hearth!)
  • Hi, we bought cupboard door locks and table corners for the coffee table, Stairgates are a must. We have really heavy oak doors so the spongey things to stop them shutting on little fingers have been good too.

    I always keep the bathroom and loo doors closed and the blind cords as high up as possible. One thing I would really like is for Neve to stop raiding my underwear drawer and wearing my knickers around her neck! Not a safety problem but pretty embarrasing.

    Happy houseproofing!
  • Firstly I've heard quite a few babies crawl backwards first as it's easier for them!
    Our lo has been crawling for a couple of months - the only things we have bought is stairgates, socket covers, and drawer/cupboard locks for the kitchen. We haven't bought anything like corner cushions for tables but I suppose if you had any sharp furniture or a glass table they might come in handy. Also if you have a gas fire you might want to think of getting a fireguard. Other things might include a special cover for your oven door (we don't need one yet as oven door high up. Also a hob cover might come in handy (we don't have one though). It just depends on how far you want to go really. I've not got a hob cover cos I don't let lo in kitchen when I'm cooking or I put her in her high chair in the kitchen so she can't get up to mischief. I think stairgates. socket covers & drawer locks are important cos they will get into everything and start to move fast believe me!!
    Hope I've helped in any way.
  • Fab-am writing it down on me list! Thanks babe x
  • Completely forgot about socket covers - definately a must! If you leave even one socket uncovered those pesky little fingers will find them lol!
  • Seriously I don't know what I'd do without BE-thank you. Oh not impressed at my long list of things we need but you can't put a price on lo's safety can you? x
  • oh yeah - doh socket covers!!! YES YES YES!
  • Socket covers are a must...especially if lo's are as switch obsessed as cole!!
    The only other thing we actually use is a fireguard (stops him climbing on the fire) and a babygate to keep him out of the kitchen. Haven't got round to putting the stairgates up yet - just keep doors shut mostly at the moment.

    We've only just got a new kitchen put in (with high up oven) but we have some cupboard locks although I don't see the point in them when Cole is banned from the kitchen due to washing machine switch obsession.

    I think we might have to get a loo seat lock though as sooner or later he is gonna either fall into the loo before bathtime or crack his hands with the seat!
  • Good one Kia added loo seat lock to the list! x
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