easter gifts

Is anyone getting their lo a special gift for easter looking for ideas.

Thought it would be nice since my lo is 6 months so not really getting an egg (might sneak some choc when oh is not looking haha)



  • I've bought Charlotte (14 months) an egg cup with a plate around the edge with pictures on. she wont eat eggs yet but it was so nice couldn't help myself!
  • I got charlie a selection of Teddies, chicks bunny's ect
  • cameron is getting a milky bar cow (about ??2 in asda!). he doesnt need anything as he's just been christened and got spoilt rotten.

  • We are buying Ruby a garden swing from Mothercare and I got her a dairy milk button segg.
    (Which she will have a LOT of help with - haha!).

  • Louise is getting some musical instruments that she loves to play with when she visit a friends house. If she gets any eggs from anyone else I will let her have them - just have to wait and see! Louise is 8 months.
  • Hi My son is 7 months old will be nearly 8 months at easter. I have got him spots first easter book and will prop get him a little toy to. x
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