What's in your lo's changing bag?

Kyra is 8 months. When I go out with her I take:-

- Huggies nappies (3 or 4)
- Johnson's wipes (1 large packet)
- Fold-up changing mat
- 2x Waterproof bibs
- Bottle and carton of milk
- Tommee Tippee sippy cup full of juice
- Weaning spoon
- Jar of baby food
- 2x packet tissues
- Antibac hand gel
- Organix snack


  • Oh my god, Summer's is always so full of stuff when we go out lol.

    We take:

    -Usually about 5 nappies
    -Nappy sacks
    -Big pack of wipes
    -Change mat
    -Bottle and carton/powder
    -Nail scissors (to open the carton)!!
    -Waterproof and normal bibs
    -jar of food and spoon
    -Dettol wipes and anyi bac hand gel
    -Red book
    -my purse
    -full change of clothes for Summer
    -e45 cream for my hands

    I think thats about it lol! Although most of that stuff i in there already I don't pack it all every time hehe.xxx

  • Hi,
    Am always being told off for a bulging change bag and I hardly ever need all the stuff but we have:
    - 6 nappies
    -Nappy sacks with a lid
    -Wipes in a packet with a little lid
    -Change mat
    -Bottle and carton
    -Mini scissors as I can never open the cartons without them!
    -LOADS of bibs-probaby about 12-15 as in a whole day he'll go through those
    -A couple of waterproof bibs
    -Peter the caterpillar-his fav small toy
    -Packet of Ella's kitchen food (how nice are they?!)2 spoons all in a litle sandwich bag
    - hand gel stuff
    -His red book
    - mini sudocrem from the Bounty pack
    -my purse
    -full change of clothes and hat and gloves lately
    -pen and diary
    -hairbrush (for me)
    -3 dummies but he doesn't really use them anymore
    Think thats it-no idea how I pick that all up! It's all JIC-you can never be too prepared! x
  • God, loads of stuff!!

    -About 3-4 nappies (Pampers at the mo)
    -Wipes, usually Pampers.
    -Nappy sacks
    -Bibs, 2 for a short trip and 4 for a long one! (still has a bit of reflux and SO dribbly)
    -A spare vest
    -Change of clothes
    -Babygro (no idea why this is in there, used to use it as back up change)
    -sun cream
    -Bottle of milk
    -Jar of stage 2 food
    -Some kind of baby snacks
    -Yogurt (out of all that food this is usually the only thing that gets ate!)
    -Nuby cup of water
    -Red book
    -Antibacterial wipes, these have never been used!!!!
    -Mini sudocrem
    -A few small toys
    -My purse and make up.

    My changing bag is MASSIVE! lol! But if I'm just popping out I might just take his water, a nappy, wipes, bibs & snacks...the essentials lol x

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  • OMG - just thought, I don't take any spare clothes! If she were to sploge through her nappy I would be screwed!!! xox
  • I use my handbag and just take a nappy, a few wipes and some hand gel!
    I am obviously missing out on something here - although I don't tend to go far!!
  • I dont take a lot compared to you lot!
    Napy bags
    Baby wipes
    Hand Gel
    Spare clothes
    Red Book
  • sterilized bottle
    carton of milk
    wipes 1 pack
    nappy sacks
    nappys x 3
    bumble (bee toy!)
    froggy (frog toy!)
    babygrow (easier than a whole set of new clothes)

    travel quite light i think.

    spent ??75 on a change bag and have ended up using a M&S Twiggy bag for life!!!!!

  • should i be taking red book everywhere?

  • I don't know?! I only take mine when she goes doc's or to clinic to be weighed. xox
  • You should have it with you at all times so HV said. In our bag we have:-

    Nappies for J& K.
    Nappy Bags
    Gripe water
    Syringe and a spoon
    Spare babygro for J and clothes for K.
    Carton on milk for them both as an emergency
    Sterilised bottle with water.
    Dispenser with feeds in.
    Both their red books.
    Spare toy.
    Changing matt.
    Dispoable bibs.
    Anti bac hand gel
    First aid kit.

    Always have a spare blanket under pram too, and always take raincover out as well, it folds up really small and goes underneath as you can never predict the weather!!

  • I have in Lily's bag:
    Nappies x4
    Nappy sacks
    Anti bac wipes
    Carton milk
    Bib x1
    Muslin x1
    Changing mat
    Jar of food
    Sudocream (small pot)
    She also has another bag that she takes to nursery and has in it similar stuff!
  • This post made me smile...
    I have to now cram enough stuff for both my two into my changing bag... me and oh joke we need a mini suitcase!
    *nappies... 4 each pampers new baby and active fit
    *johnson baby wipes
    *nappy sacks
    *spare dummy each
    *bottle with water (Joe)
    *milk powder dispenser
    *anti bac spray
    *jiuce for Erin
    *snack for Erin (usually pice of fruit)
    *emergency milky bar (for who ever needs it most me or Erin)
    *foldy up change mat
    *Joe's cloth book
    *Spare clothes for Joe
    *Bibs, usually about 5 each
    *Teething gel
    *Pack of tissues
    *Erins mini fork if going out to eat

    I also pack loads of stuff under the puschair too, x 2 blanketts, Erins fav doll, and rain cover if i think we'll need it.
    Oh, and i never take their red books out with me unless i'm going to doc's or get them weighed. What if it got lost?
  • I don't really carry that much out with me, i just stuff it all in whatever handbag i'm using that day. I always think maybe i should have more and whether i should be carrying the red book but only take it to appointments.

    - 5 nappies
    - 1 pack of Baby wipes
    - Sudocream
    - Fold-up changing mat
    - Nappy sacks
    - A Bib
    - Muslin
    - Packet of tissues
    - Hand gel
    - Babygro
    - Vest
  • Pampers nappies x5
    gorge wipes x1 large pack
    bibs normal x5
    bibs water proof x5
    baby spoon
    Antibacterial hand gel
    cow and gate snack biscuits x4
    dummies x2
    nappy sacks x10
    baby hat
    toys x3
    note book
    dummy minder
    gloves x4 pairs
    fold up changing mat
    carton of milk
    jar of food
    scissors for opening milk
    change of clothes
    baby record book

  • we have
    nappies 3
    baby wipes
    2 bibs
    stage 2 jar
    organnic snacks
    beacker with water in
    toy keys
    my keys
    my purse with just pennies in lol
    my hairbrush
    my phone
    really need to stat taking spare clothes, coz usully he gets filthy by time dinner comes xxxx
  • I dont really take that much with me as we've only got a small bag - am looking for a new one for the moda pram that isnt too low hanging or too high... its a nightmare (unless i want to spend ??50+ which i dont :lol: )

    but for Ollie at the moment I take -
    3-4 nappies,
    bag of wipes,
    nappy bags
    vest, trousers, socks, t shirt
    sudocrem (sample pot thingy)
    large jar savoury
    small jar pud

    and thats it.
    Could possibly take the spares clothes out now as he rarely does anything that bad, but i like having them there just in case....

    Course once Missy gets here it'll all change and I'm sure I'll be taking three times as much with me everywhere image
  • I'm quite minimalist but then I'm not bottle feeding or weaning. We use the little black bag which clips onto the Quinny chassis.

    - muslin
    - vest & babygro
    - nappies
    - wipes
    - mini pot of cream
    - nappy bags (Tesco value sandwich bags, actually :lol: )
  • PTB - that's the bag we have, it's called a Buzz Box isn't it. It's not that big so a bit of a struggle to get stuff in. It was easier when I full-time breastfed! xox
  • When I was breastfeeding and Summer wasn't on solids I would just take a nappy, wipes and a spare bib in my handbag, how it all changes as they get bigger!!xx
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