waking in night still? under feeding him?

jayden 6 months hes nevver been the best of sleepers, has recently gone in his own room,which is better then i thought would be. but he still wakes for 2 night feeds! and he is hungary coz when i go in i sometimes can hear his belly rumbling, he takes 7oz then a 5 oz?

8am half a jar, yougot and 5 oz bottle

12 half a jar,5oz bottle

3 50z bottle

5.30 home made tea, equvilant to half a jar, pudding, 5 oz bottle

8.30 7 oz bottle

1am 7oz bottle

5am 5 oz bottle

dont no where im going wrong, somedays do vary he might take less or more milk. am i under feeding him? any advice?


  • stage 2, i have tried a yogurt before dident make a diffrence, might try something more filling though, like porrige, hes 26 weeks tomorrow so should be able to go through the night without a feed surely? as 4 the dream feed, im always so scared to give that incase he wakes up fully and wont go back down lol im a walking zombie has it is lol xx
  • Hi hun - he is having lots of milk which is fab but maybe he needs a bit more food. I was always trying not to over feed my lo cos he has reflux but yesterday I thought I would try dropping a bottle and he ate loads of solids...and last night he slept 12 hours! Think its cos solids are more filling than milk.
    Also you could try giving him snacks - I have just started it with my lo and he loves finger food, I am surprised how well he manages it (he's 6 months) but he will eat a whole rusk - I break it up into 'slices' and he munches on them! He can't get to the last bit as he doesn't have the pincer grip yet so I feed it to him.
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