how old was your children/babies before they started to crawl? my boy is know 9 months old and hes not doing it yet. he doesnt stay long on his tummy but hes trying so im hoping he will soon.


  • i was wondering this too, grace is 8 half months and not crawling. is there anythingto encouage it?

  • i was told to lye them on there tummy and hold both feet together in your hand that way they will kick and that will teach them. my boy does it but thats about it.
  • Gabe has no interest in it, he's 8.5 months. He doesn't know what to do. He sits up unaided and he can roll both ways but he never does it as he doesnt like to! I think he will be at least 1 before he gets mobile and even then I reckon he'll be a bum shuffler rather than a crawler as he hates being on his tummy, always has.

    I'm certainly not encouraging it anyway, hes into everything enough as it is...
  • Kara is 16 months and never crawled. She is really steady on her feet but hasn't actually took the plunge. About a month ago out of the blue she decided to bum shuffle and she is so quick. She hates being on her tummy so hates crawling.
  • grace is just over 8 mths and dosent crawl yet either!shes showing signs but can get round so fast rolling and turning with hands and legs wen on tum i dnt think shes 2 fussed!i think dd1 was about 8 mths wen she crawled xxx
  • Charlotte commando crawled at 8 and half months. She is now 1 and started crawling on all 4's when 11 months (Xmas time).
    Your lo will crawl when ready or bum shuffle or maybe just go straight to walking!
  • My ds is 9 months next week and still isnt crawling. I put him on his tummy to encourage him but he doesn't seem interested to want to crawl he prefers me holding his hands helping him walk across the living room lol xx
  • dasiy crawled just before 9 months few weeks after sitting unaided for long periods. i would say enjoy it while you canlol!!! Im knackered chasing her around and wish for the days where i could leave her on floor and nip to loo!!
  • Petra started crawling at 11,5 months out of the blue and completely profesionaly for long distances like she has done it for ages.She seemed completely unfazed by it and now follows me everywhwer including toilett.
  • Kade started to commando crawl at about 9 months. This was done on his belly using his arms. He started on all fours by the time he was around 11 months and was walking by about 13 months.

    Their all different though hun so don't worry at all, he'll do it in his own good time.
  • Jemima crawled at 71/2 months. Afriends baby of the same age was crawling at 6.5mths and a cousins baby doesnt crawl or roll. Just shows how individual a baby is.
    I agree with ccbmommy, another cousin baby walked at 14mths and only learnt to crawl at 13mths as hated tummy time and just wasnt interested, x
  • millie trys sooo hard to crawl haha shes nealy 5 months and constantly rolls and trys to crawl but can only get her legs and bum up can't hold her top part up she can shuffle forward a bit i dont want her to start crawing for a while yet cos it will be so much harder haha xx
  • Zacky knows about the concept of crawling but has difficulty lifting his not so little belly of the floor, and doesnt seem to want to try comando crawling. He can not role even though he loves belly time. He does use his legs to move around though while lying on his back. Also he loves to stand and knows how toput 1 foot in front of the other to walk. SOmetimes he goes rigid and wont sit back down again.

    There are loads of bum shufflers in my family, and I never crawled or shuffled, just walked , so maybe he will take after me.
  • My first daughter crawled at 10 months and was walking at 12 months and running and dancing with really good balance at 14 mths we didn't think she'd crawl cause she showed no interest in it at all my 2nd is only 3 months and i'm in no rush at all for her to crawl, enjoy the peace while you can!
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