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Can anyone recommend natural baby bathing products?

As the title says I'm looking for any recommendations on natural organic baby bathing products.


D xxx


  • almond oil is fab,not sure if thats quite what you were looking for but I bathed lo in it when he was brand newborn as his skin was dry. i now use johnsons naturals but massage him with the almond oil after his bath. its especially good for excema (sp) etc xx
  • coconut oil as well is fantastic for their skin and smells yummy. If you are looking for brands Lush or this website specialises in organic products for babies
  • Weleda are lovely and smell really nice. I think it is on offer in waitrose at the moment. The baby brand is calendula which is ace for the skin!

    Em x
  • If you want natural products without sls, parabens etc then try we sell these sort of products for babies and children.  We always used olive butter and oil which always worked a treat.

    See what you think

  • Oilatum, all natural ingredients, specially formulated for sensitive skin xx

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