Rolling over and sleep


Oscar's started rolling over in his sleep onto his tummy and waking himself up in the process. I've tried putting him between rolled up towels under the sheet which stopped him for a while, but he's somehow figured out how to do it in spite of them.

He's currently waking himself up at least twice a night doing this and is incredibly grumpy because of the broken sleep, as am I! :lol:

Anyone have any other ideas to try and stop this?

Thanks, Jem x


  • That's a really good idea Lynne - my lo has just started in a sleeping bag after being swaddled for 6 months and i find he keeps waking himself up because he's worked his way to the top of the cot and hits the bars, so i'll try tucking him in to the bottom tonight x
  • I'm having the same problem with my little girl, she's suddenly started getting really wriggly and i'm finding her in all sorts of positions!

    I've tried tucking her grow bag in but she's really strong so escapes.

    Any other tips?
  • Ooh am gonna try tucking in his sleeping bag. I've got one that is huge and loads of room at the bottom. He's just started rolling and won't stop, it's driving me mad. S x
  • Hehehe, or a velcro backed sleeping bag!
  • lol. He'll probably find some other reason to wake then! I'm going to have to buy some bigger sleeping bags as there's not enough to tuck under the mattress! Till then I'll see you at 3am!
  • Can't really help Jem, just to say im having a similar prob with Charlie - he wriggles soooo much he ends up sideways in his cot and im worried he's going to bang his head on the cot bars one day! x
  • Gabe has never rolled in his cot once!!! Let alone in his sleep. He's so lazy lol.

    Not sure what you could do really, it's one you might just have to tough out..... :\(
  • Hmmm maybe i should patent my velcro sleeping bags idea!
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