12 Week Growth Spurt

DS is 12+2 and we think he may be going through a growth spurt, just wondering if any of your LOs went through one and what your experience was/how long it/lasted?

He was going 7 hours at night, but last 2 days he's gone 5 hours, then 3 and then every 2. He's having a bottle every 2 hours in the day, although he's not taking any more volume, just more often. He also seems very sleepy, grumpy and unsettled.

Have any of you ladies experienced this and were your LOs any different after i.e more settled,taking more milk, goobg longer at night etc?


  • hello there, i cant really remember how long but i know the 16 week one was particulally bad with the night wakings and constant feeding, i think that one was a good few weeks, its does get better though! x
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