P&C spaces rant!

Why cant shops do something about people using them without having a baby/child?

Tesco's are for parents with children 5 and under according to the sign. When we saw 2 woman get out of the car, no baby or child, we asked at customer services what they could do about it - their reply was nothing! It makes me so mad! The least they could do is ask them to move to another space!!

Also - this happened last night when I went and really winds me up - some people park there with a child in the back but only 1 adult goes into the shop. If they are not getting the baby/child out and the driver is staying in the car then why use the space??


Rant over!

But I just wish that something could be done to discourage it!


  • im exactly the same, i get out of the car and tell them to move, we only have about 8 M&B spaces at my local tesco, and what makes it worse is taxi drivers and disabled ppl park in M&B spaces too, really riles me. ive complained loads but they wont do anything about it....so if there are no M&B i either park in a disabled space, or park over 2 spaces so i can get archie out, and if anyone complains i tell them why i do it and they usually button it....the cheek of some eh!!
  • It riles me to when people who are clearly just too lazy use these spaces. I can understand someone disabled using them though if all the disabled bays are full. I've started to point out that the spaces are for people with small children and ask them to move. If I can't get a p&c space then I park over 2 spaces so that I can get the children out without dinging someone's car or having my own dinged. Personally I wouldn't park in a disabled space though. My mum is disabled and I know how much she struggles when she can't park near enough to somewhere. Our local Asda and Tesco will clamp and fine people ??60 for misusing the spaces which I think is a great deterrent.
  • I am fed up of it too. I went on Wednesday and was not happy...this TESCO delivery lorry was parked over 2 spaces! I was well shocked. I do find at my TESCOs it is older people who park in them. It's very rude!
  • i have to admit i hate these people too! Plenty of times i've had to stop the oh getting out of the car and lampin someone. lol. You can see the rage in his face as he's looking at them. If looks could kill i'm sure his would. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • I hate it too! But I sometimes have a problem with people in car parks thinking I shouldn't park in the space even when I have Aoife with me. I drive a pick up truck and I think because people automatically think of them as a commercial vehicle driven by blokes they don't expect a mum and baby to be in one! I've had people shouting at me and then looking really sheepish when I get LO out the back! LOL

    I have to say it is a pig to park the truck but if I don't have Aoife with me I always park in a normal space even if it takes me a couple of goes to get in it! image

  • g/c from pregnancy but i'll be joining you lot in a few weeks anyway!

    i can understand the frustration when people park in p and c spaces but i just want to stick up for the disabled as we are entitled to park in those spaces if all the disabled ones are taken (i'm disabled by the way!) disabled people didnt CHOOSE to be disabled now did they?

    oh and normal people park in disabled spaces and i've seen pepole with kids park in disabled spaces so it works the other way round.

    just my 2 cents worth

  • I personally wouldn't ever park in a disabled spot, I don't think it's fair. We as able bodied parents can use normal spaces if necessary, it's just that it's a bit more awkward. Parking over 2 normal spaces if you have to is far more considerate. To park in a disabled spot just because you have a child makes you no better than the lazy pigs who park in P&C spaces without children!! Sorry, but just my opinion.
    I too though think it is disgusting that supermarkets provide these spaces then make very little effort to control who uses them.
  • this is one of my bug bares too. I have said a few times to people about them being for p& c and a few have moved but it reall y angers me when they just smile and nod as if to say i know but i am going to park here anyway!!!AARRRGGGHHH!!
    I would never dream of parking in a disabled space, and at my local asda ther are more of them than p&c spaces. I wish they would enforce their fines more often or have staff out to ask people to move.
  • i only park in disabled spaces AT NIGHT if there are loads free and no normal spaces nearby, my local tesco has 3 lanes of disabled spaces so plenty to go round, but i only do this if weather is bad too. im not lazy or selfish, i jus dont want my lo to get soaked/cold in bad weather. my oh is disabled too, so when hes with me it is easier to park, but still annoying when you see a parent with a 10yr old gettin out of the car in a P&C space.....
  • I agree - it is really annoying when the P&C spaces are used by people who really shouldn't. All I was pointing out that by getting angry at people who do use P&C places incorrectly is slightly hypocritical if you use disabled spaces incorrectly too.
  • I agree. we went to Tesco today (we normally go to our local Sainsbury's purely because it is so much quieter and you can usually get a P & C space). Tescos was packed no P & C space and most were full of 4 x 4's. i know a lot of parents drive 4 x 4's but a lot of these had no car seats in them they just want the larger spaces because their cars are so big. I had to park in a normal space further away with a newborn and a sixteen month old it really pee's me off.
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