She has lost weight :(

Hi Girls,

I have moved to the UK from Germany for a few months and have only just found out where to get Amber weighed. The last time I wieghed her was 7.11 and today she has dropped a few ounces since the last weigh in? I am a bit confused really as she always puts weight on and it has been nearly 20 days since I got her weighed. I was expecting her to be over 12lb now as she was 10 11 at last weigh in.

The health Visitor has advised to b'feed her more and offer top ups of ebm and formula and see how it goes, I have b'fed her for a long time and I am happy if I have to move her over to formula as I want her to thrive and maybe my milk is just not enough for her :cry:

She has been a bit consipated lately which the health vis said could be a sign of not getting enough milk, is strange seeing as she feeds every 2/3hours in the day and every 90 mins in the evening, I know there is enough milk as I still get some out after a feed.

Any ideas girls?

Amy xxx


  • hi hun it might just be the change of moving to home and lots of new things to see i would give her a week and see what her weight is doing then ,she may have lost a little as she is un well as babys burn more calories when they are poorly xxx
  • I agree, moving could have been really unsettling and has she been ill? Babies can loose weight when they are ill if it effects thier feeding.

    As you say that you can still get milk after finishing feeding, maybe she is not getting the fattiest milk - our milk gets more calorific the longer lo's feed for. Could you try to feed her longer on each side or at least 1 side?

    To be honest, i'd leave it a week before offering formula as then you wont know it is really to do with your milk or not.
  • Yeah I think it could be the scales? I am going to keep on b'feeding this week with ebm top ups if she needs them, then I can see at next weigh in if its my milk or their dodgy scales!!

    She has been a bit stuffed up lately with a cough and grunted breathing but she is all smiles most of the day, and sleepy for the rest of the day. After each feed she does tend to be unselttled and the health vis watched me feed her today and said I am doing everything right, she got all fussy after 20 mins so I moved her onto my other boob and she fed on their for a while then fell asleep (me thinks she was just tired anyway)

    I am beginning to regret coming over here for so long as when we go back to Germany in Jan we might have the same problem again image Bloody Forces!

    B'feeding is bloody hard work there is so much to learn!!
  • Hi hun, me again! Lol. I agree with Loopy Loo, if there is milk left at the end she may not be getting the hind milk which is the part which makes them gain the weight. Have checked after my last two feeds today and Riley is not taking the full feed, little sausage. Not sure how to get him to take it as he got very shouty at me (don't know where he gets it from!) Hopefully if you can get her to take the hind milk she may come back up again. xxx
  • Yeah I leave her on for as long as she will go for, burp her then put her back on for as long as she goes for again before she gets all fussy, then put her over the other side that I have expressed a bit from first so she gets the hind milk of that one too. So complicated eh!!

    I think she will be fine, might take her to the docs if her cold keeps up as that might be why she has lost it? xxxx
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