What a day!!!

God what a disaster day!! Didnt start off well as I was rushing around getting out the house for 9am, and forgot toys for Gabe and my glasses!
Went to my mum's, had to get a bus and 2 trains to get there. She has a day off today but woe betide she comes to meet me.
Anyway as soon as I came in, she had Gabe off me. That's fine, she doesn't see him very often. Anyway straight away she gives him a metal spoon to bite on...I say "Erm okay" thinking that isn't very good on his teeth but let her get on with it.
I give him his dinner but no, she wants to feed him. OK, I let her, whatever. She wipes his face every 5 seconds with a rough piece of kitchen towel and when I give her some wipes she says ohh they're too wet on his skin...they're WIPES. lol.
Every time he tries to grab her necklace she tells him off and says NO....does this about 10 times.... I say "Why not distract him with something instead cos he's getting upset" so I give him packet of wipes to play with, she takes them off him and he starts whining again!!!
He needed a bum change so I ask if mum would like to do it and she does, all the time shes doing it he's screaming as he hardly ever sees her, when she's finished, I cuddle him ....
Then she and her partner want to take him out for a walk with the dogs on their own (didnt want me to come as they were waiting for online shopping)....And I said no I don't want you to, 1. because my ex/oh is not happy with him being around dogs and I respect his choices (plus mum is very lax with letting him too near the dogs - one is aggressive btw), 2. because Gabe has seperation anxiety and is not happy around different people he doesnt know well 3. because I didnt get a bus and 2 trains just to wait in for their bloody shopping!!!!!!
So me and mum took the dogs with Gabe. And oh my god, what a row we had! How I didnt trust her, bla blah! How me and my sis were a disappointment to her....how Gabe is spoilt and will turn out to be a mummy's boy. How kids whose mums give them too much attention, "turn out maladjusted". I replied, "Well you never gave us any attention (she left me and my sis when we were 6 and 4 and didnt spend a lot of time with us anyway) and I wouldnt say we were WELL adjusted!!!" (Sis is a drug addict, I had Gabe when I was 19).
I didn't want to play that card but she didn't have anything to say to that.
So I just left....and all the trains were cancelled!!! ARG! Then my phone went dead. I had to call Gabe's dad from a payphone and ask him to pick me up as a taxi to birmingham new st (and then a train home) would have cost too much.
The last bit of the journey Gabe was screaming cos he was hungry and it took him ages just to calm down and eat once we were home!!!!!
I can't believe my mum though. ....


  • oh goodness - that sounds like a hard day image sorry it turned out like that!

    I hope tommorow is better for you! image
  • I'm sorry you have had such a bad day with your mum, completely sympathise and also totally get where your coming from (not least about waiting for their shopping!).

    Why is it that our parents seemingly forget what it was like for them when we were young. (Very annoyed as I just typed out a really long response and then accidently deleted it to this point AARRGGHHH).

    Basically I said my mums a pain in the arse too. Hope your eve is better, you deserve a big glass of wine!!

  • Oh No it sounds like you had quite a day. Hopefully the tonight gabe is more settled. Dnt ever think you have done anything wrong today. From the posts i have read you are an excellent Mummy.
  • Hi hun, I'm sorry you had such a shitty day. It's probably the last thing you need right now! I'm sure tomorrow will be better for you! Hugs.
  • oh no Listef totally agree - hate it when you've NEARLY managed to get Lo to sleep and then a relative starts playing with them!!! ARRRGH!
    As for the rainbow drops the less said the better lol.

    I do actually fancy a glass of wine but don't think we've got any...boo
  • O hun what an eventful day. It must be really annoying when your mum or mil tries to take over and makes your baby confused and upset but I guess these are thing you can slowly work out with her. I'm really sorry though that she says yoa are a disappointment, how can she say so to her own daughter? Especially that she could have been there more for you, some ppl just never admit to their own mistakes and always look for imperfections in others. My mother was similar too. Dont let her speak to you this way and keep your spirit up. x
  • What a day! You poor thing, sounds like it was a nightmare. Sounds like you could do with a nice hot bubble bath x
  • Sorry you've had such a stressful day-parents?Hope you get a chance to get your feet up and relax think you've most def earned it! x
  • What an absolutely terrible day! You poor thing. What an upsetting thing for a mother to say to her daughter. Did you point out that you had no reason to trust her anyway? Really feel for you hun, hope you're chilling out now. xxx
  • Hope you have a more chilled out day today!
    And the saying is right, "You can choose your friends but not your relatives" lol!
  • Hello tiger lilly, That sounds like an awful day! Had to reply as my mum is sort of similar in that she accuses me of not trusting her, I've never once let either child 1st is 3.5 and 2nd is just 15 weeks, stay out overnight and don't intend to any time soon, my mum is also lax in what she does I think and she wouldn't look after them as good as I can (no-one can look after any child as good as their own mother - unfortunately some just choose not to!) I bring my children up mostly on mothers instinct, common sense and a lot by learning from the mistakes I think my parents made. But what really made me want to reply to this was the fact that you think having a child at 19 is a bad thing, I have been a member of BE for almost a year and read posts every day and I can tell you by your posts you appear to be an excellent mother so age hasn't hindered you at all and well done.
    Holly xx
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