just had to share :)

Well i had to share this as you don't hear many positive things from strangers... but this made my day

I've just been to town with Evie. On the train home Evie was just sitting on my knee and we were chattering away about the things we'd done today, and when getting off, a lady by the door said "excuse me" i looked up, and she said "you're doing a great job" and nodded towards Evie.

I was taken aback as nobody has ever complimented me on my parenting skills (not a stranger anyway!) and It made me smile, and made me very proud of Evie. Makes a lovely change from people giving me dirty looks because i look young, or glaring at me if she gets upset in public. Lots of people talk to Evie and smile at her and things, but nobody has ever said anything directly to me. I think every mummy should get a little confidence boost like this every now and again! Anybody else had a nice experience with a stranger? xx


  • Ah, that's so lovely!

    I was once in a Starbucks with another mum and her baby and after a while of staring at us an old lady came over and said 'I have to tell you something!' whilst glaring and pointing! I was sure she was going to have a go at me for BFing in public or something, but instead she went on to say that we had the best behaved babies she'd ever seen :\) Made my day!

  • isnt it lovely when people say nice things doesnt happen enough!
  • oh how sweet, but what a shame that it happens so little that it's such a big thing when it does. I think it should happen much more than it does! xxx
  • It's really lovely when it happens isn't it. An old lady came up to me when I was breastfeeding and said "it's lovely to see a baby on the breast!" I thought I was being subtle!! x
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