What family car do you have?


A van wrote off my quick nippy Ka beginning of July and I hope to get a new car tomorrow - if we like it! It drops about 3/4 of the asking price for a second hand car. Not botherds about the make, so long as its a good car. Upgrading from a 1.3 to a 2l which will be nice!

I know I should have asked this before but hey! Just wondering what everybody has as there family car and do they recommend it.

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  • Hmmm, well we don't have what you would exactly call a normal family car :lol: Our family car is oh's Audi S4 Avant, bit like a A4, but it's got a 4.2litre V8 engine and goes like stink. It is the perfect family car for anyone who wants to go fast, but it was expensive and costs an arm and a leg to run, the petrol alone is about ??400 a month image so I'm not sure I would recomend it unless you are a serious petrol head :lol:
  • Our family car is a vauxhall astra, its the twintop/converible (dont know what they call it)Lol!
    Allthough its a 2 door its quite big. Its defnietly made me think about going for a normal astra next time round, its so easy and spacious, the boot is huge (except when the roof is down). We should have had a 4 door really but oh was getting panicky that the thought of a proper family car would make him feel old.
  • we have a peugeot 307 and its the best car ive ever had,i love it to bits but were thinking of getting another car as we now need a 7 seater and we are thinking of getting a audi q7,so if anyone has one of these i would like to know what they think :lol:

  • We've got a Subaru Impreza turbo wagon - sensible yet fun image Our thinking was a bit like Bedhead's (I love S4's, but out of our price range!) - we're not dead yet and still want to have fun sometimes! This is a 2.0 litre and like everything, how economical is it depends on how you drive it - or WHO drives it in our family!! We love it to bits, but it's old, got too many miles on it and just failed the MOT so we're not sure if it's going back on the road or not yet. It's looking like it's going to be replaced by a Toyota MR2 turbo atm - not quite so sensible but fun fun fun image

    Our coice of car was severely limited by what we could get our buggy in - it's amazing how many of these so called family cars actually don't have buggy friendly boots - my mum's Audi A3 is one of these. Make sure you take your buggy with you and see how easy it is to get in the boot - some bigger cars have a high entry to the boot, or the rear lights make the entrance narrow which is awkward with a big buggy.

    Happy hunting, hope you are ok after your accident? xx
  • We have a vauxhall astra 1.6l, we bought it new last year and have had no problems with it.
    It's 5 doors so easy for car seat, and the boot is huge.
    It's mainly just my car now, as hubby bought a chrysler, and I'm very happy with it.
  • We've got a Golf.

    I don't drive and get bus to work (read and have a snooze on commute suits me fine) But hubby says he really likes it and would buy another golf when it needs replaced.

    Agree about boot size, WE used ot ahve a Renault Megane coupe and it was rubbish for boot size. S x
  • We are taking Js car seat (obviously) and our pushchair which is a quinny speedi. It was putting the seat down in my ka, but if we want to expand our family in the enxt year or so we want a 5 door to fit the buggy in.
    I should be doing jobs and Usborne but I am now looking at cars!
  • we have a meriva and (except for current probs) its a lovely car, not much bigger than a corsa (new model) on the outside but huge on the inside.
    It fits our two car seats in it plus a person in the back, and also our double buggy in the boot with loads of room for the dog. its economical on petrol and quite nippy. Ok it doesnt have much pull but thats coz its only a 1.4, the larger engines have a better pull.

    going of our courtesy (yeah right) car at the moment I would never advise a renault modus - MJs car seat doesnt fit on the back seats, and our smaller pram struggles to fit into the boot, let alone the dog an/or shopping!

  • we have a vauxhall zafira. y they call it a family car ill never no !! it does have 7 seats but not much boot space.its a bit or a nightmare trying to get the double buggy in it and if we are all out shopping or sumt we have to use a rooftop box!! other then that its ok!lol
    luv clare
  • I have a Saab 9-3 SportWagon. Hubby picked it. He loves Saabs and has a covertible one (don't know which model - don't know a lot about cars). I personally am not too keen mainly because it's a diesel and I find it sluggish when you are pulling away. It drives me mad, it has a turbo thingy it just takes too long to kick in and then bloody roars off.

    It's great for slinging all the baby stuff in though. At the moment there is a carpet cleaner, travel cot and buggy along with plenty of other junk in the boot so very roomy.

    And as OH keeps telling me (normally when I am whinging about it) 'it is Elk proof' - no blooming Elks round here though but I get his gist about it being safe.

    I used to have a KA and I loved it. Can't wait to be able to have a small car again.
  • I didn't go sensible either, I have a BMW 330CI, so two huge doors and tiny backseat but I still love the power!

    Has been fine with Group 0 carseat on isofix, but waited to see what happens now I have to change to a Stage 1 seat!

    Just been to BMW and their BMW carseat doesn't fit it! grrrr so off to look at other carseats now!
  • Oh is a bit of a petrol head and after many years of waiting finally got his dream car, a bmw M3.
    It's a 5 door so is good for Kade and goes like a rocket!!!
    Bit concerned that oh does seem to be in love with it a little too much though lol.
  • we have a lexus is20 and its not the best as a family car so will be getting changed next year, we have only had it just under two years and when it was just the 4 of us is was great but there are now 5 and it just dosnt work well for a family of 5 when one needs a car seat and the other two boosters x
  • we have a mini (not a family car at all) but we didnt want to part with it and we all fit in comfortably with ciara and her pram. Before the days of ttc we had a ford focus which we loved, would definitly consider getting another focus when we start thinking about ttc number2
  • well i have a lovely little mercedes a class which is quite roomy for a small car perfect for me and daisy to go shopping in but not as a family car. my oh says its a hairdressers car lol???? der im a hairdresser and he is taking the piss?? and oh has a x type jag which i hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think we will probably have a four wheel drive next time but they are so expensive to run. i wanna be able to drop the kids off at school in it just to piss my oh off and all the other male chauvernist pigs that reckon moms cant drive four wheel drives!!!!!!!!!!
  • At the minute we have a corsa but really struggle with 1 in it let alone 2. The boots tiny and all the shopping has to go on the backseat if the buggys in the boot. We also really struggled fitting the car seat and it only fitted in with the base bit. Oh had a Camero which was his dream car but it needed ALOT of work doing to it and there was no way we could fit a car seat in it so it had to go as we couldn't afford to keep it running.
    We're hoping to get an Astra or a Signum so I'm happy to hear the atras got a nice big boot as that's what we def need this time
  • I have a Toyota Corolla and my husband has a Subaru. Mines is a 3 door car but is perfect for me and Kara. When we are all out together we take the Subaru.
  • We've got the 2.2l diesel Honda Civic (138 rampant horses). The turbo on it is mental, it's got five doors (the rear ones open at right-angles to the car so putting car seat in is a doddle), the boot is a cavern and it does 50mpg without trying. It's not a patch on the S4 but it's a giggle enough for our restricted roadage. And a bit more affordable!
  • I've got a Renault Megane Scenic - not the sexiest of cars, but practical with a 18 month old and another due in 7 weeks, OH has a Lexus IS200 Sport, which I love driving but am finding it hard getting in and out being pregnant!! Wish I had upgarded my 3 door rav 4 to a 5 door, when I had my son xx
  • We've got a Ford Fiesta - a 2001 model - that is my car...

    I like the model, I think it's a nice cute little car....a 3 door but perfect for me and Gabe...It annoys me sometimes but it's not its fault lol it's just because it's 8 years old. It's a 1.3l petrol but it does NOT go at all....It's tough going getting it to 60mph , impossible to get over 80 and overtaking is impossible. It's only got 44000 miles on clock though so it will last a while & it never breaks down!!!

    I would recommend a Fiesta, I love them, always have but this one is getting on....

    We also have a Ford Puma which is seriously impractical, its OH's 'run around', it really goes but it is useless for Gabe, boot can fit quite a bit in tho.

    Then we have a Ford Capri which is off road at the mo being 'rebuilt' by oh ( :roll: ) with a brand new Focus engine...It is a nice classic sports car but it is just tooooo old. I love going for a drive with oh in the sunshine though in it (before it was decapitated lol) and I'm sure once its done Gabe will love it too!

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