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She wont take solids help me please xx

Hi Girls,

Amber has been having tastes of food since she was 16 weeks with no probs at all, she has always loved everything and been so excited when she sees her food pot coming towards her bless her! I do homemade but she has the odd pouch and fruit pot too.

She has been full with colds since about 20 weeks and has has pretty much been on and off her food since then (she was 6months on the 12th) I still try her everyday with breaky,lunch and dinner I dont get stressed either (even though I have made them all grrrr lol) but she has one or two spoons then clamps her mouth tight shut, its the same with every food not just some???? I am going back to step one and doing one ingredient things as suggested by my docter but she still doesnt want it. I am pretty sure she is teething too as there is a blister on her gum and she is dribbling more than usual and is a bit of a grump - poor pudding image

Any ideas? I am just lost, I see my health vis on Wed hopefully (just moved back to Germany so not sure when they are available now)

Routine is like this:
3am or 5am bottle
7am bottle
8am breaky
10am bottle
11am nap till lunch
12/12.30pm lunch
1pm bottle
2-3pm nap
4pm bottle
5pm dinner
6.30pm bottle
7pm bed and sleeps till about 3 or 5 sometimes she will sleep though (not lately though hehe)

All bottles are between 4-6 oz most of the time she takes the 6 oz. Do you think maybe she is getting too much milk so not wanting her food? Im so confused.

Thanks girls xxxxx


  • Hmm not sure, have you tried jars? My LO point blank refuses anything home-made but will wolf a jar down! ( I try not to get too offended! lol)
  • Have you tried her with any finger foods? She may be happier feeding herself. Try her with toast & little bits of cheddar to start off with and pieces of fruit & veg.

    She does sound like she's having a lot of milk too. At 6 months they need about 20oz a day. Maybe drop one of the bottles to start off with from morning or afternoon.
  • Maybe whilst she's starting again start again with just one meal instead of going in with all 3? That way you can spread it all out a bit more and get her hungry for her solids and gently increase her appetite again. At the moment there's never really much of a gap between any feeds and if she's recovering from illness her appetite might not be what it was as her tummy might have shrunk a bit... Perhaps try her on just brekkie/tea for a week, then see which bottles she has trouble going between and add some food in there, gradually working up to the three meals again x
  • Thanks girls,

    Is it ok at 6 months then not to be eating much solids?? I am not sure why but ive got it into my head they should be on a few meals!

    I have tried her on finger food she just shoves the whole lot it takes it out then puts in and sucks it again hehe, i give her toast.

    I give it to her when I am eating too and she does want a spoon or 2 but thats it, suppose thats better than nothing but she used to love all food so its upsetting that she doesnt now image I have given her pouches and she is the same with those really.

    I will try just tea for a week then and see how we get on, thanks girlies as always xxxx
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