Sleep dept! & genral stuff.. I suspose?

Hiya Girls..

5 nights in a row Charlie has not slept at all waking every 15mins or so.. He has been poorly this blasted bug that's been going round, also had his first lot of injections (I know late) and is cutting teeth (well dribbling LOADS and chewing his fingers) before that he had been sleeping 12pm till 6am.. I also had introduced a little bit of solid because he was taking 9 oz of milk (hungier baby) and still wasn't settled .. I know a bit early but I honestly believed he needs it. But then I was thinking was it THAT that was upsetting him? I just started on baby rice, baby ceral and creamed porrage (Which he loves!!) he still loves and take all of his milk.. I didn't give him any calpol as I was worried about dosing him up.. last night I gave him half a dose and he slept from 12pm till 9am I woke up and panicked and had to check him! lol cause I was soooo tired I worried i'd slept thru him crying normally i'm really sensitive to it and wake to him even chatting to himself.. but he was spark out..

I suspose there are a few things.. I feel quite apprencive about giving calpol - I feel guilty for not giving it if he is in pain, but I don't just want to give it to him willy nilly 'just encase'.. how do you know.. I always feel i'm a little slow on the uptake trying to work out his signs and always try to give him comfort myself before offering anything like that?

Also i've just started weaning.. and introduced vegs.. are these okay to use near the start? he eats them but explods in his nappy.. i'm worried i'm giving him a belly ache as he just seems a bit off.. but I don't know if that's because he had his bcg and two jabs in the thigh mucel with in a week of each other, his teeth or this cold/cough he's got..?

He is normally such a happy boy.. but he just looks at me teary eye'd with a petted lip.. & I feel so sad for him and just wish he could tell me in words what's wrong.. poor little lamb..

His daddy/my OH feels pushed out cause Charlie wont settle with him/eat for him and is taking it personally :\?

people keep saying don't spoil him.. but I dont think you can.. can you? if he needs a cuddle then he needs a cuddle..

although last nights sleep was fab and well needed.. i'd just like a little advice or re-assurance really? x


  • Aboutt he calpol - we ended up giving cole calpol over quite a bit of time because he had a fungal infection and was teething, and another time when he had a viral infection. Both times the doc said itw as ok, and both times I spoke to the doc about my concerns about giving him calpol for a long period of time. The docs both times said that as long as you stick to the dosage and don't give unnecessarily then calpol (or paracetamol based medicine for baby) is the safest medicine you can give. Giving calpol before bed in my opinion is a sensible thing to do to help a poorley/teething lo settle to sleep and we do give cole a dose at bathtime if he's teething or generally not right. If your lo slept that well with a dose of calpol then it sounds like he needed it to help him settle - and if he's not right then the sleep will have done him the world of good.

    It is hard to decide whether to give medicine or not when you don't know if htey need it, but a dose at bedtime if your lo is out of sorts isn't going to do any harm - I'm sure there have been times when cole has just been grumpy and has got calpol unnecessarily but there have probably been more times that he's needed it.

    I started cole on baby rice which he hated then tried c&g cereal which he loved, and kept him on that for a little while before introducing veg because he was about 4 months old and I wanted to take it slowly with the weaning. If you've introduced 3 things all quite quickly then it may or may not affect him - you could try cutting back to just one food and see how he is.

    I don't think you can spoil a baby through cuddles tbh - when cole is poorley I often get into bed with him and give him a cuddle till he falls asleep cause often thats all he wants and he settles really well.

    Hope he's feeling betters oon
  • I could've written this hon, and I know it is such a pain, especially as Gabe used to sleep 7-7.

    Gabe's had a cold, teething and bad eczema (thankfully improving with some cream from doctors), & miserable with it at night, up every 1/2 hour. I have to confess I gave him calpol (a 2.5ml dose) every night just to help him sleep it all off I suppose.

    I had to take Gabe in bed with me 2 nights this week which is something I haven't done before - but he was up whinging from 12am to 3am and I was knackered.

    Re. weaning, how old is Charlie? If you think its upsetting his tum just keep with porridge, cereal, rice, rusk etc at breakfast (its a good idea to keep it to breakfast cos at least if it upsets his tummy you dont have to be up all night).

    I would just keep doing what you're doing and don't feel bad about giving calpol at night if you think he is poorly. It does knock them out a bit but as long as he genuinely is grizzly, poorly & you both need sleep then IMO I dont see the problem, not like you're drugging him with horse tranquillisers lol


  • He is 4 months by date on thursday but 17 weeks today .. but I had him weighted 4 weeks ago and he was 15lbs and is wearing 6 -9 months and some 9-12 stuff, he was drinking 9oz of hungier baby milk every 3 - 4 hours.. so I tried him with some baby rice and he loved it.. it really settled him.. i've now put him back on normal baby milk 1 cow & gate and he still drinks 9 oz every feed and just give him a bit of creamed porriage or what ever and he loves the spoon! lol just loved food.. full stop!

    I suspose so much going on at once I just didnt know what it was.. injections sore arm and both legs, he must of been shattered as well, change of milk, teeth, sore bum from teething, new food, he has a cold /cough and just wasn't him self..

    Then felt like am I doing the right thing?

    got worried I was making mistakes.. but did everything with the right intentions.. moved his milk down because he was having solids so didnt thin he needed the extra caloires, introduced solids because milk alone didn't seem enough, injections - well, lesser of the two evils rather that that what could happen if he didn't have them.. & couldn't help the virus we all have it in our house..

    you know sometimes you just doubt your self and start second guesting..

    Obvisliosly I love him to bits and want to do my best.. but then cause he can't talk I just wonder is the the right choice cause it's all guest work!

    spose as well my OH he looks to me for guidance.. but I don't really know myself.. feeling in the dark as this is my very first little one.. & bless my OH cause my little one only really wants me he is feeling a bit hurt.. I did say to him that 'when your ill when you were little who did YOU want?' meaning his mum and I just said EVERYONE feels like that it's not that he doesnt want you.. :roll: :\?
  • I was worried about calpol with my eldest, I used to ring my mum and ask 'do you think I should give her some calpol?!' I laugh about it now but was so worried about making the wrong decision at the time. It gets easier to know when to give it as they get older, I promise!

    My Evie has been teething for ages now and full of cold so some nights when she won't settle I just know she's got some pain somewhere so I'll give her a small dose of calpol to help her go to sleep- not to drug her lol but to take the pain off so she can fall asleep.

    With the weaning I'd stick to baby rice/cereal for a little while until his tummy settles. It could be that the nappies are to do with jabs/ teething and not food but just to be on safe side you could give him less veg, or mix some puree with some baby rice.

    Hope he feels better soon and you can both get some sleep.

  • Hi hon

    Don't worry about giving him calpol if he's a little under the weather of if you're not sure. There is so much flipping scaremongering about everything these days it's a wonder any of us survived!

    You're a fab mummy and trust your instincts.

    Reiss is off as well - has a nasty virus and sore throat and snotty nose. I've given him calpol this afternoon and he stopped crying and fell asleep within 15 minutes. Poor little thing's off his food as well - and you know what he's normally like!

    I would say if Charlie is eating happily, he's fine with his food and I would carry on giving him it. He is such a big boy that he probably needs it on top of his milk.

    Hope he sleeps well for you tonight aswell.

  • Just a thought but is the cereal and porridge one of the gluten free ones? They recomend that even if you wean early you don't give anything containing gluten untill 6 months as it is hard for them to digest. You probably already knew that but I was just checking image

    Is it his 16 week jabs he has just had? Barney had his on Thursday and they made him sooooo miserable, he's a bit better today but yesterday he just screamed all day which isn't like him as he is normally a jolly soul. I think when they are obviously miserable about something like that then giving them calpol, especially at bed time is definately the right thing to do.
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