Bit of a shock......(af & q's) wake up this morning to my first af in 17 months!!!

I'm still breastfeeding but woke up this morning and am very dissapointed that af has returned.

Could it be a one-off due to stress or is that it for me now till I (fingers crossed) fall pregnant again one day?

Louise is 7 months now and is having 3 solid meals a day so i'm guessing is taking less milk and thats why they've returned?

A q for those who have breastfed (or still are) and had quite a while between giving birth and first af - sould I expect this one to be longer than normal? Could they be irregular while i'm still breastfeeding?




  • it probably is because Louise is taking less milk hun. xx
  • Hi Lisa, my af returned when Rhys was 6 1/2months.
    He was having 5 feeds and 3 meals a day at that time, although i think what spurred them on was the fact that Rhys had been poorly and was hardly taking any milk and then 2 weeks later it started!
    My af's only last a few days now and are no longer painful like before. My lo is now 9 1/2month on 2/3 bfs a day and are still not regular like before and are around every 5 weeks atm!
    HTH xx
  • Mine still have not returned. Kyra's 8 months. She's having 2-3 feeds a day with formula top-up now, so I'm guessing mine will return soon also image They usually take a while to settle back into a pattern, so expect irregular ones for a few months! xox
  • thanks! it's great to hear others experiences.

    Louise was pooly last week and had a lot less milk for a couple of days - I did express but I'm guessing it might not have helped.

    Louise is having 4 or 5 feeds a day depending if we're out in the morning or not as she can get from morning to lunchtime without a feed if she's occupied and travelling but only to 10.30/11 if we're at home!

    fingers crossed babybear that mine only last a few days then!
  • Hey Lisa,
    After my first baby they came back after 12 months but within a month i was pregnant again, then after my second they came back after 11 months and i got pregnant within 8wks so only had af 3 times in since conceieving my first child in May 2005 - guess i've been lucky xxxxx
  • Hiya hun! I got mine back at 3 and a hlaf months whilst still feeding Riley. It was really heavy the first two times, but lasting only four days, then only a break of 2 weeks before another one. It's now returned to 6 days, so is slowly getting back to normal. Riley still feeds three to four hourly and has 3 meals (my little pudding, lol)

    It's a real shock to the system isnt it! Take care. xxx
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