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Recomendations please on 2nd buggy

Hi, going on holiday in uk and need buggy as we have smallish boot and normally have pliko prammette which leaves no room for any luggage.
My daughters 6 months, needs to fold small ish, not cost too much etc

Many thanks xxx


  • maclarens are fab to have to chuck in the boot they do all different ones with different price ranges. i have the techno xt as a second buggy and i couldnt recomend it more! x
  • I have a Petite Star Zia, in Sky Blue and it's wonderful! I can get that and the wheels for my Ultima in the boot of our Punto (with some manouvering mind), so it's pretty compact and the wheels clip off easily. I got mine new from Ebay, inc footmuff, travel bag and rain cover for about ??149.(which I think is quite alot for a second pushchair, but I love it!) I'm sure you could get it cheaper elsewhere.xx
  • We got the Mamas and Papas Pulse for ??95 and we love it, good storage, easy to fold and unfold, easy to put the back down and pull back up. Its very sturdy and will last a good few years.
    We nearly got an Atlas O'Baby for around ??60, they are great too, but we felt the M&P would last us just that little bit longer, its also ever so slightly bigger than the O'Baby too.
    Joo xxx
  • i have a maclaren too and love it, out of all the pushchairs i have had this is the one i have kept the longest, and because it folds umbrella style, it slips behind the front seats when we have no space in the boot
  • I have an OBaby atlas stroller and its fab! I got it for ??60 which I think is really good value for money its lovely to push, it folds down fairly compact, my lo looks comfy in it and they come in lots of lovely pretty fabrics, I have lots of compliments and ppl asking me where I got my buggy from! x
  • I've got the M&P pulse as well and I really like it.
    It reclines further back than the mclaren and has a bigger basket too.

    My only comment would be that the choice of liners and footmuff's which fit in M&P is limited so I've bought a buggy snuggle so you should add that to overall cost if you're going to use in winter.

    Suz x
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