it hurts

i have had really bad tooth ache now for 2 weeks waking me in the nght pain and taking painkillers so i went the dentist yesterday and he removed the fillng looked at the cavity and found nothing, he said he was expecting an absess but nithung there, so he put the filling back in and said see how it goes.

anyway it is stil hurting like mad and he said the options are root canal or remove the tooth (its right at the back thankfully)

has anyone had root canal? :\(



  • I was offered the same as you when I had really bad tooth ache, either root canal or tooth out. Sorry I was a whimp and had my tooth taken out! xxx
  • when i fisrt fell pregnant with dd i had the same.. i'm a complete wimp and hate dentists so had the tooth out!
  • Oh no hunni, that sounds terrible, ouch. Havent had one but just wanted to say good luck and I really hope you feel better soon. xxx
  • a friend had it done and she said that it felt the same as the toothache. she did find that ibuprogfen worked much much better than paracetamol
  • hi, my hubby had a root filling and also said it really hurt- and hes 1 of these men where he says 'no that didnt hurt' about everything so was quite surprised wen he actually admitted it was painful hes had loads of problems since with it since. if its at the back then it mayb worth having it taken out so it doesnt give u any more bother. good luck. xxx
  • i get tooth ache about once a year it lasts a week or two the vanishes, have you tried clove oil on it, or even teething gels they can also help x
  • Hi, my hubby and I have both had root canals before, and found that after a day or two they settled down and we had no more pain. I'd always go for a root canal, as that way you get to keep the tooth xx
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