Feel like a terrible mum!!

I feel like such a bad mum

My little ones last feed was at 1130 last night i set my alarm for 5ish as he usually sleeps about 5 six houra during the night i woke up with him gurning to realise i missed the alarm n it was 715!!!! almost 8 hours since his last feed, i ferel like crying i cant believe i done that!! he's 8 weeks old today!

Just had to get that off my chest, anyone else been in the same boat??



  • Dont worry that doesnt make you a bad mum. He obviously wasnt hungry at 5.

    When i get out of bed during the night i always turn the monitor off. I have forgotten to turn it back on in my extremely tired state and woken up cos i can hear here crying through the door! We all do things like this especially when so exhausted. Dont dwell on it.
  • Oh hunnie, dont worry yourself so much.... a baby thats hungry will let you know about it!!! bless you, you have done nothing bad atall. Its possibly a good sign that lo will have no trouble sleeping through xxxx
  • Don't feel guilty. He would certainly have let you know if he was hungry!! Take it as a god sign that he is beginning to sleep through.
  • dont worry babe it eventualy happens charlie was going to bed at 6pm with his last bottle asleep by 6.30pm waking for a feed at 2-3am then sleeping till 7.30 - 8am.
    that was intill tuesday when he got his jabs he gou up at least 3 times each night, he was only 9 weeks on tuesday
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