unbelievably grumpy baby!

I think max is either constipated or teething, he is crying loads and even waking up every hour in night crying, with nothing that soothes him! HE HASNT HAD POO FOR 2 DAYS NOW AND HE IS ON SOLIDS? WAT YOU ALLTHINK??


  • Could be either although when Charlotte was teething she was doing 5 poos a day!! And they were nasty ones too.
    Have you tried massaging his belly clockwise around his belly button and cycling his legs to help him along? If he's just started on solids could be his digestive system adjusting to it.
  • yh hes just been trying to do one and screaming through it, it got stuck so ive had to help him along lol not nice! but now hes crying and its still stuck a bit lol oh the joys
  • This sounds horrible but has worked with Charlotte. Get a cotton wool pad with quite warm water on it and rub his bottom. This can help stimulate him to poo.
  • ok will try both , thanks, i had some supositries but ive ran out lol damn!
  • Awww, poor little man! With Riley he always manages to strain it out if he's over me shoulder a bit and I rub the bottom of his back. Hope he's feeling brighter soon. xxx
  • nope not workingg, he looks in agony, how long do i let it go on for?? or do i do anything else??
  • Could he be tired from being awake lots last night? As well as teething etc. If it was Riley, i'd rub his back, pop som teething gel on his gums, swaddle and dummy, then stroke his head so he could have a sleep. xxx
  • I would try the oj to, this works with Evan, have you got a bouncer or anything as the motion can help move things along - also got any Ashton's? might calm him a little and help if teething
  • yh will try these things thanks ladies, its horrible , i usually just used a supositry and within 10 mins everything ok,but ive ran out lol
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