Any Babies Who have had Flat Heads, Corrected Themselves?

hi ladies i know i have already posted a few times about this topic but its really worrying me. has anyones baby had quiet a flat area either at the back or side that has corrected itself, and if so how long did it take? i have been doing research on the internet about plagiocephaly which sums up my babys head it is completely flat on the right side and he has a bump at the front of his forehead above his right eye. i know there are corrective helemts which fix the problem but they are not funded by NHS so will cost around ??2000 to go private.
have been to doctors last week and alfie has been refered to the pedatrician but i all i expect is to be told it will sort itself out, i dont know if i can take the risk that it may not. so thought i would ask you ladies if any of your babies have had quiet a misshapen head that has gone back once they got older???

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  • I just typed a big long reply and then got an error message when I submitted. How annoying!
    What I had said was that my son had this problem. His flat spot was on the left side of the back of his head and our health visitor was concerned that his ears were becoming misaligned. We saw a pediatrician when he was 5 months for his reflux and asked about the flat spot. He said it would correct itself by the time he was 2, once he started sitting on his own and not spending so much time on his back. I'm thrilled to say that was true. He stands and toddles around all day and sleeps on his tummy at night. Since he's not on his back anymore for any length of time, the flat spot is so much better. He's nearly 13 months now. It's not 100% corrected, but you'd have to go looking for it to see the flat spot. Plus his hair covers it now which is great. He doesn't look deformed anymore.
  • hello,my ds is 13 months and his head is getting better but still not 100% infact if you feel back of his head it feels like a bumpy road :lol: iam not worried yet,will see what its like when he starts to walk

  • thanks for your replies make me feel much better, will let you know how it goes
    x x x
    sorry for the short message alfie needs changing x
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