Its time, the dummy's got to go!!

Nathan is 8 1/2 mnths now and I've decided to wean him off his dummy. He doesnt have it much now, only nap and bed times but I tried putting him down for his nap without it today and he was so sad I relented and gave it to him, he then fell asleep immediately.

Does anyone have any tips on weaning him off? Should I just perservere and take it away straight away, or like this morning give him 10 mins without, gradually increasing the time before I give it to him?

Any tips greatly appreciated.



  • i feel the same. lol brooke is 18 months and still has one for bed. but we have put her in a bed now and she looses them off the side all the time then cant find them nightmare!!! also she is talks with them in her mouth when she gets up and its horrible listening to her talk with a dummy..

    when we changed her dummy shape we just gave her that or nothing and she cried for about 20 mins then went to sleep. so am hoping to do the same just put her to bed without one. and be prepared for the tantrums! xx
  • Charlotte is 1 and just has dummy for sleep time inc naps. I want to start to wean her off but don't know how and tbh I don't want the stress!
    She's been unsettled in the night recently. Not sure what it is so I don't know if now is the best time to start.
  • i weighted till maya was older as she only used it at bed time.
    when it was time the invisible monkey stole it and this she was happy with and never cried for it.
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