My little monster

Charlotte has been awful today. Whinging all day, slapping me and trying to kick me when we were shopping today! She was in the trolley and wanted everything and when I wouldn't let her she let rip. Surely she's too young for tantrums!?

I'm not sure whether it's cos she had her mmr last week so starting to feel the effects or teething or just growing up.

When I put her in bed tonite I must admit I muttered "Thank God for that"!

I can remember up until 4 months old she was pretty laid back, now she's acting the diva!!!
She doesn't take after me.....honest :roll:


  • oh bless you ... we have this with my oh's nephew....i swear he is the devil reincarnate !!! he screams shouts and head bangs anything in reach if he doesnt get his own way...needless to say we havent had him since having archie (which i always use as an excuse now so we dont have to have him) hes such a lil nightmare! not saying that your lo is this bad of course!!

    i either tried to distract him, or ignore him if it went too far ... eventually hed calm down and give in, get on the sofa and go to sleep...

    good luck!
  • Hiya, My little boy Callum is going to be 1 in a weeks time and he sounds very similar.
    He was always REALLY well behaved until about 2 weeks ago and now if he doesn't get his own way he throws his toys, headbangs and cries.
    I am hoping it is just a phase rather than i've spolit him already! lol xx
  • My friends baby is 13 months and he has started having tantrums, throwing himself on the floor type ones too!! I think they all go through it, and imo the older they get, the more aware they are that they want your attention. Gabe is becoming a nightmare, especially in the evening. He doesn't want to be on the floor and cries to be picked up but when you try and sit him on your lap he wriggles off to get on the floor! Its a pain when your trying to make tea! xxx
  • Oh I'm glad she's not the only one (sorry)!
    I was getting worried that she was starting with bad behaviour. I'm sure she's just testing her boundaries seeing how far she can take things.
    Even when I tried to cuddle her today she pushed me away, but then again she's never been a really cuddly baby (unless really really tired or feeling poorly).
    I'm hopefully going to my first mother & baby group tomorrow so fingers crossed no tantrums then (she'll most probably just cry cos it's new & cling to me)!!
  • At the moment I find Nathans tanrums quite amusing, I think its sweet that he gets so cross because he's eaten all his dinner, lol.

    They'll all have phases of throwing tantrums and always at the worst time (maybe when mil is visiting). Its frustrating as all we want to do is show off how lovely they are and they turn into little devils!

  • And to top it all off when Daddy gets home she's all sweetness & light. So when I explain how she's been he looks at me like I'm making it up!
    She's becoming a proper Daddy's girl - I know my place - lol!
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