need help from mum's of babies born in jan 09!!

Hello girls hope you are all ok.

I was just wondering how long your baby is awake for during the day mine only seems to be awake for an average of 5 hours a day i was thinking that that wasn't much but then again she is only 11 weeks old!!!

Also how many bottles does your lo have lillian has 4 - 5 6oz bottles aday but she does sleep through the night so doesnt have any then!!

Any reply would be good

Thanks amie x x x


  • When Abby was 11 weeks she was awake for about 7-8 hours but every baby is different. As Lillian is sleeping through it sounds like she is having the right amount of food and sleep so I wouldn't worry.
  • my twins are 12wks old and they seem to sleep most of the day (i wonder if its becouse they were 9wks early,so corrected age they would be 3wks) ,charlotte really only wakes if she wants feeding or has filled her nappy and jack is roughly about the same but he wakes up early for his feed,charlotte will take 3-5oz 4times a day and jack takes 4-6oz, they are doing better at night now,if iam lucky they will sleep up to 8hours but i think thats only down to me swaddling them


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  • jessica is 11 weeks today:

    she has about 6-7 bottles but is on 3oz. ive offere her more but is happy with 3oz.
    she was 3 days late but was only 5lb 6oz.

    is sleeping thought the nigth.

    its hard not to worry but you've got to remember every baby IS different.
    as long as she is happy and healthy dont worry.

  • Lyla is having 5 6oz bottles a day and has started sleeping through in the last week or so (but not every night). She's 10 1/2 weeks now. She does seem to be awake quite a lot during the day, but then she's sleeping around 10-11 hours each night. To be honest, I haven't timed how much she's awake, but she's definitely awake more than she's asleep.
  • carson does not nap much in day at all! he fights going to sleep and wontr settle in cot in day. he sleeps 5-6 hrs overnight and maybe a 2 hrs sleep after that. he has last bottle between 9-10 and wakes at 330 then is hard to settle to sleep despite being obviously tired then wakes again an hr later and all day we have this battle to get him to sleep!
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