Will the MW do a Sweep tomorrow?

Hi all.... I am due on Friday and totally fed up. Been having pains for a week now that last for a few hours then go. Also been loosing mucus for a week on and off.

Anyway i have the MW tomorrow, so i will be 39+5. I am aware that they don't normally do a sweep until you have gone over your due date, but with me not seeing her until 5 days after my due date after tomorrow, do you think she will do it tomorrow if i mention it to her?

I am so fed up and uncomfy its untrue.

Thanks Katherine 39+4. xx


  • I really think it depends, I had one at 39 weeks as I was favourable and 1cm - it didnt work but had another at 40+5 that did work...

    Good luck this last stretch feels like so long xxx
  • It will depend entirely on your area, and your midwife, though I'd be inclined to say no, they usually won't unless you've gone past your due date. No harm in asking though, she might offer to have a feel of your cervix to see if it's ready, if it is perhaps she'll do the sweep but if not I doubt she would.

    I remember the feeling very well of being so big and fed up! keep your chin up hun. I know you probably hear it a lot but whilst on this side of the fence it's dragging on, in 2weeks time, you'll have your baby and it will feel like it FLEW BY lol! good luck xxx
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