Can you freeze jars fo food?

Hello this may seem an obvious question,

I save any baby jars I use. When I make my lo i out one jar int eh fridge and fi I have some left over, I out them in ice cubes. I asked a mum the other day iof you can put baby food in jars without the lids, She said yes, so long as there is space at the top and the lids are off. They when you deforst, leave to deforst at room temp.

Is this right? Or should I not put jars in the freezer? To me it is less space than using ice cube trays and freezer bags as they stack better. xxx


  • I use washed jars to freeze homemade stuff- pile to the top and put lid on. Defrost in fridge if I have enough time!
  • I guess dforst in tehf ridge also worked...didnt really think that one through. Did yours not jars not crack even withthe
    lids on?
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