What do you do in the rain?

We normally go out to park, beach etc picnics.

this week has cost a fortune lunch everyday and indoor play places - Coffee is SOOOOOO expensive - well after your fifth cup it is quite expensive x


  • I go insane being stuck indoors when the rain is big fat rain!! :lol:
    Please tell me your summer isnt over already??! x
  • In the rain I get my three eldest all dressed in rain gear, and go for a hunt around the woods with baby in the pushchair happily watching the rain drops on his rain cover!!!

    We have lots of fun rain or shine and it makes the no end of washing worth while to see the four of them happily excausted and fast asleep at bed time.
  • we have people round for coffee if raining and cant go to park etc or with have picnic indoors make cakes even toula loves to sit and watch us cook x
  • I'm with babsI go for 'rain' walks nothing more fun than a splash in puddles, if you lo is too small for this put the wee rain cover on and let them go out in a rain bubble lol lol I'm actually just about to do this myself now, ds1 is eating dinner and then we're off for some rain fun before nice warm bath hot choccis and monsters inc!!! ds2 is tagging along! lol
  • we also put on our wellys and rain coats and head to the woods for an adventure walk! we either put lizzie in her coat and rain hat in the back carrier (easiet way but she gets a little wet on her face) or put her in pushcahir but that limits whjere we can walk.
    other than that we go to a place called moors valley cpountry park which has big wooden play equipment in the woods and we go there in our wellys and coats with a picnic!
  • I still have to go out to walk the dog, so I put LO in the buggy with the raincover and traipse out round the park as usual. All our other activities are indoors so they go on as normal but dont go for any extra walks like I may do in the sunshine.
  • we get rain coats on and wellies and go to the lodge for walk or just walk round the village, it gets us out and kids love splashing in the puddles, baby gets fresh air and i dont go loopy always a bonus!! xx
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