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Happy 1st of December image Whos getting excited now? I REALLY want to put my decs up, though I havent got much of them yet!! As soon as it hits December I feel all christmassy image


  • Happy 1st of December to you! I feel excited. We are putting the tree up tonight and the weather is making it feel extra christmassy. Wish i had an advent calendar though
  • I put my tree up on Saturday eve - bit early but was so busy yday i knew i wouldnt have a chnce to do it by dec 1st if i didnt just go for it! Also had to wait until dd in bed...let her help last yr but had to re-do it as all decorations on 1 corner of tree, about 6 baubles on each branch lol!
  • Oh you dont have an advent!! thats not good hun!! Ive got 2 and Jayden has 3 lol!! Looking forward to putting up the decs... how does everyone intend of keeping learing hands away from christmas trees?!
  • oh no, forgot to get advent calendar for Madi - have to go get one today i think...
    I have my tree up on top of a cupboard which stops the kids touching it...just gotta figure out how to stop the cat climbing it now! electric fencing maybe?!?!
  • Yeah I'm really excited about christmas this year! And it snowed this morning too, only a few flakes but I was more excited than the kids! It's Evie's first ever time of seeing snow.

    Oh and I'm planning on getting the decorations up this week. The tree is going up on the table where prying fingers can't get to it!

  • we put our tree up thursday lol was actually hubbys idea but i'm so glad we didnt have to do it now lol
  • happy 1st of december to you to image im very excited now and cant wait to put up my tree, it will be going up on friday evening once tegan has gone to bed! we have got advent calendars from my mum but we forgot to pick them up, so will have to get them later.
    god knows how im going to keep her away from the tree...lol xxx
  • We have decided to just have a smallish (4ft) fibreoptic tree this year and its goes balls and bells glued onto it...genuine idea me thinks! lol God knows what kind of battering my mums 7ft tree will have over the holidays! x
  • OOh you've just reminded me to open my choccie advent calendar!! I finished wrapping pressies yesterday although got a couple of small ones still to get.

    I can also say it's Charlotte's 1st Birthday next month now - woo hoo!!
  • Happy 1st Dec to everyone

    I love first dec - My hubby and I got engaged in new york on 01/12/2004 and on 01/12/2007 i found out i was pregnant with my wee boy Brodie - wonder if anything special will happen today ?!!!

    Is it bad that i had the chocolate from my advent calendar at 6:30am when i was up feeding Brodie ?

    Leah xxx
  • Out tree is up since at least 3 weeks lol . Im Christmas mad this year;) Dont really know why. Happy 1st Dec girlies x
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