hi everyone, after having Charlie I only bled heavily for a few days then it seemed to settle however it really hurt to wee but this too began to settle. its now been 16 days since the birth and i've started to bleed quite heavily again and its stinging to wee again altho not as bad. is it normal for the bleeding to start up again?


  • I found that during the 3rd week after giving birth it got much lighter, then it was really heavy again. I told my doc and he didn't think it was a period as i'm bf'ing but he wasn't worried about it at all.

    With the stinging though - maybe you should get your stitches checked - and try leaning forwards when you wee - really helped me!
  • Hi FM

    I've had the stinging back too over the last couple of days. It's been nearly a month now since I had lo - bleeding has just about stopped but has stop started a bit over the past week or so. The stinging was worse than just after giving birth! I put some warm water in a bowl and peed in that which made things only slightly better (sorry TMI!) - I think you can also pour water over wound whilst peeing. Funnily enough, stinging seemed to be better after a sleep. I'm trying (but currently failing) to drink lots too to dilute urine. This current stinging (although in front bottom) was caused I think by constipation so trying to eat more fruit (but again failing!!!). It's been a bad day today so still in dressing gown - possibilities of drinking and eating have been limited!!!

    Hope you and lo are well x
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