Bumps and bruises :cry:

Gabe is 8 months and has started sitting unaided, he's doing well with it and is getting steadier but still goes over after about 15 mins of sitting. I don't leave him unattended yet but he's just too quick when he falls back and keeps banging his head, he's done it once today on sofa (the hard bottom bit) and cried poor thing.

Then he did it AGAIN I was putting him down on the floor (me standing up w/ legs open) and he arched his back through my legs and head went smack on sofa again!!!

It hasnt affected him at all and he only cried for a minute and has a small bruise but i am such a baby I cry too! I think I need to toughen up as he's gonna have loads more bumps!


  • My lo is 17mths now and there is not a single day that goes by where he doesnt fall over and bang himself in some way!I feel terrible because he always seems to have a bump or bruise on his face,bless him!
    I used to run round after him and put cushions on sharp edges,ie,fire surround.
    I think its just one of those things and babies are alot tougher than they look,he hardly ever cries even when hes gone down with such a bump!Im the one getting most upset haha
  • Hi,
    I would and am the exacly the same! Can't help crying when Alf does. Am sure its all part of the learning to sit/crawl/walk thing and didn't do us lot any harm! x
  • you cant try and toughen up but iv been trying for almost 7 years now and fail every time, every time either of my older two fell down the stairs, fell over and banged there heads ect, i am actual sick makes it kind of hard to comfort them when im needing to run to the toilet the throw up.
  • I cant tell you how many times a day Nathan gets bumped. I'm OK with it but oh and dd both rush up and give him loads of cuddles. I do feel bad though when I've made light of it and then see a big bump coming up on his head, I'm a mean mummy!!

  • and bubble wrap suit,lol i asked the nurse on the ward for cotton wool and bubble wrap when oliver went into a&e then theatre at new year, im sure there will be more to come hun, i use arnica cream for mine (dr greenfingers bump & bruise cream) xx
  • Charlotte used to fall backwards loads when she first started sitting so I always tried to make sure there was a cushion behind her. Trouble is you can't be there all the time and these things will happen.
    Charlotte came up with bruises all over her knees at the weekend from crawling on them. They looked awful but seem to be fading now.
    I'm sure there will be lots more tumbles for us along the way - just part of them growing up but it's hard to watch them do these things as you feel a bit helpless.
  • I've tried the cushion, but if it's there he just lies back and has a little rest and won't sit up again! LOL.
  • Have you thought about getting a bean bag?
    I've never tried one but maybe that might help as it will help keep him upright and it's soft for him. Somewhere must sell fairly cheap ones. Just an idea....
  • Zacky is 8mts now and last week went for a record for banging his head. I posted over in born in June 08 about it. Asked if anyone knew where I could get a baby crash helmet LOL. He sits well unaided until he gets tired then he waits till u turn your head ...and you know the rest. He actively tries to avoid landing on any pillows as well.

    He has gone over twice this afternoon already and I was sat next to him. Guess it could be worse, he could think that this rolling thing is worth doing.
  • I have a foam jigsaw playmat now and George doesn't bat an eyelid now when he falls over!

    He does have a habit of throwing himself around when you are carring him, and smacked his head against the wall today, lots of crying and snot bubbles. I felf really bad then!
  • Neve is currently sporting a red nose due to falling flat on her little face about half an hour ago. Poor little dot looks like a minature farmer!
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