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Just wondering what is normal weight gain for a baby. My lo is 4 weeks old and in the last 9 days hes has put on a huge 13oz!!! the week before that he put on 6oz! Im breastfeeding so really pleased he is getting enough milk from me. Just wondered what is the norm?

Also does my diet affect his weight gain. i.e. if I eat less "bad" foods will his weight gain slow down?




  • my lil chunk is 6weeks old tomorrow and has put on 4lb and is bf. he only lost an oz in 1st weigh and has put on a pound in the last week. just shows theyre getting the good stuff.
  • My baby took 4 weeks to regain her birth weight and gained 5oz in one week. I was eating good foods and it didn't seem to make much difference. What I did do that week when she gained 5oz - was give her a bottle of ebm every night, introduce infacol to reduce the amount of wind she had, and she has slept a lot more now - which aids growth.

  • i eat loads now and very high calorie, must be all those chips lol
  • hiya, my lo was huge but tended to gain about an oz a day which i think is about average!xxx
  • Hey
    Jaimi-Lee is 5 weeks today and she was 7lb when born, she is now 9lb. She put a whopping 11oz on last week!! She loves her food hehe.
    Shes now taking 5oz bottles and starting to drain them so i dont think itll be long until shes on 6oz, eek!!

    Where does the time go eh?!

    Sharon x

  • Theo is a massive 21lb 6oz and 6 months old! He was 7lb 4oz at birth but was 2 weeks early. He was bf for the first 6 weeks and gained 2lb in one week!
  • That sounds normal, some newborns tend to put on a hell of a lot! My chunky babe was 9lb 1oz at birth and only went down to 8lb 15, got back to birthweight at 2 weeks so it took him a while to gain that 2oz, but then he put on 12oz in 5 days image and continued to put on about 1lb a week for ages! He hit 15lbs at only 11 weeks and the HV was quite concerned lol but as soon as he got to 6 months he seriously slowed and is now an average 21lb at 10 months!
  • So long as your baby is growning on the same centile then theres nothing to worry about. My little man has been on the the 91st centile growth line since he was born and was BF until 19 weeks when I started weaning him but even how he is mainly BF at 6 months.

    (the centile is if you were to line up 100 babies the first being the smallest the 100th being the biggest)
    I hope that helps image
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