shakes, should i be concerned?

hi, when jayden was 12 weeks he one day started shaking well his head and arms and hands, he was drinking his bottle when it happend and had been screaming before hand, he did this twice in that day, i took hiom doctors and they said it was because he was worked up from crying...

anyway since then hes done it about 5 times today being the last, today he did it and he was drinking his bottle but hadent been crying or upset or anything, dont know what to make off it really, does anyone eles babys do this?

he shakes likie he cant control it, i put my hand on his arms to stop him.


  • Nathan wa really shaky for the first 48 hours (I realise yours is older but thought it mightbe relevent). I hated it and me and oh almost thought he was fitting at times. I asked every midwife who came around as I just wasnt convinced but they all said it was perfectly normal.

    Keep your eye on her but I would imagine if she seems well in herself and is healthy then your Dr's probably right.

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