Teething - looking for some reassurance...

Hi Ladies,
My Lo is 7 months and has been grizzly for about 5 days now and had more runnier nappies so I have out this down to teething. (she doesn;t have any yet !) However the past few days her solids eating is getting worse and worse and now all she seems to want to eat is Yoghurts ! She spits out savoury and breadsticks which she loved before. She wouldn;t drink ANY of her bedtime bottle last night and woke up at 4am this morning crying and after 5 goes at resettling her ended up giving her the morning bottle at 5am when she did eventually go back to sleep till 8ish. Help - I seem to be going backwards both in eating and sleeping...........???!!!! S XX


  • Hi Sandygiz,

    My LO has been off his milk these last couple of days and has been grizzly during the day.Night before last he woke me up at 4.10am crying and I couldn't settle him until 6am after a dose of calpol. I put that down to teething as the following day he was very whingey which is uncharacteristic of him. I can feel his teeth through his gums too. Last night he slept fine and today although is off his milk is eating his solids fine (as I'm still feeding purees which generall tend to be very lukewarm/almost cold).

    I put it all down to teething as I think the bottle teat must hurt his gums and with your LO, the fact that she likes cold foods must be soothing for her gums. My DS has never been a big milk drinker so I've re-introduced his mid morning bottle (only drinks 2oz) just so he's getting that bit extra.

    I think once her little tooth pops through then she'll be better. I understand your worry as I get stressed when he doesn't want his milk xx
  • My little man has been off his food(milk) for the last few days and last night he had a fever and was so grizzly. I ended up taking him to the doctors today just for reassureance really, and they put it down to teething, but my little man is only 16 weeks old!
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