Results of Pushy Mothers! x

Pushy Mothers! Oh Girls look them up it's great!! you meet up with a leader (mine was very like Davina MCall!) & you take your baby and buggy/pram/push chair and meet up with a group of 16 women I did it over Hampsted Heath (Karen You'll KNOW how HILLY it is!!) and you march around pushing your buggy with your hips to handles (no bending over going up steep hills) and you walk up hills Veeeerrry slowly (makes it Much harder!!) and you like race to get in front of each other but you are only allowed to walk all very funny get some GREAT looks off passers by! & she gets you to wave at all men in uniform (including park rangers!!) haha.. but it's sooo much fun! and a really great work out! and then after you all go for tea and (if your naughty cake!) xx

just though i'd share the love!!



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